NASA Probe Is About To Deliver Deep Space Samples To Earth For the First Time

NASA is about to make history by obtaining asteroid samples from deep space this week. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will be …

23 hours ago


Deep Space Asteroid Sample Finally Coming To Earth

Very soon, scientists in Utah might be in possession of a deep space sample that is as old as our …

2 days ago


NASA Astronaut Sets Incredible New Record

From the first trip to the Moon and beyond, NASA has been setting the kinds of records that inspire humanity, …

4 days ago


Scientists Find Source Of Earthquakes On Moon In Last Place Anyone Expects

According to a recent write-up in Gizmodo, scientists are now questioning whether a series of earthquakes across the moon were …

1 week ago

moon telescope

Scientists Building Giant Telescope On The Moon?

The relentless pursuit of scientific discovery has driven humanity to explore the cosmos in ever more ingenious ways. It was …

1 week ago

star trek nebulae

NASA Releases Star Trek Nebulae Images

NASA‘s Spitzer Space Telescope captured two images that are now being referred to as Star Trek nebulae. The nebulae, named …

1 week ago

Scientists Have Been Making Breathable Oxygen On Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has been exploring, collecting samples, and conducting experiments on Mars since 2021. Scientists have successfully generated breathable …

1 week ago

NASA Finds Oceans And Sign Of Life On Another Planet

NASA has discovered a rare water ocean on a large exoplanet 120 light years away. Located in the Leo constellation, …

1 week ago

black holes

Watch A Black Hole Swallow A Star In Terrifying Video

You may sometimes feel hungry enough to eat a horse, but how about a star? NASA recently released findings of …

2 weeks ago

Strange New Structures Discovered On Mars, Sign Of Life?

Mars is our friendly red neighbor, so it’s not surprising that the dusty red planet has long inspired intrigue and …

2 weeks ago

mars oxygen

Historic First Brings Mars Colonization Closer Than Ever Before

In February 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover, carrying a small device named MOXIE, landed on Mars. The small device aimed to …

2 weeks ago


Movement Detected On The Moon

India’s historic Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon’s south pole is already providing lots of interesting data, including the fact that …

2 weeks ago

NASA Removing Space Junk With Giant Trash Bags?

When parents give their children an allowance for chores like taking out the trash it’s usually a lot less $850,000. …

2 weeks ago

space collision

NASA Harvests Life-Threatening Asteroid Thanks To Rock And Roll Legend

While the rest of us are living regular lives and simply trying to survive this crazy world, NASA is out …

3 weeks ago

moon trees

You Can Now Plant Moon Trees From Outer Space

Buying your loved ones (or yourself) a star has long been a way to show your eternal love for another. …

4 weeks ago

nasa mars

NASA Can’t Even Maintain Its Buildings Anymore

The infrastructure at NASA is falling apart, and it could take years to fix the problem. According to Erik Weiser, …

1 month ago

space tourism

The Space Race Is Back On With Russia’s New Lunar Mission

The space race sequel is here, and Russia just might beat everyone to the punch this time around. According to …

1 month ago

battlestar galactica cylon feature

NASA Video Shows Off New Moon Robots, Will We Need Astronauts Anymore?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently shared footage of their newly developing moon robots on their Twitter account and hope …

1 month ago

nasa mars

NASA Launching Streaming Service That No One Asked For

NASA is launching its own streaming service called NASA+. The platform is part of the space agency’s efforts to enhance …

2 months ago

rogue planets

Scientists Believe Rogue Planets Are Flying Through Our Universe

Anyone who’s ever played D&D knows that rogues are sneaky, and rogue planets are no exception. According to The Byte, …

2 months ago

star arms

Scientists Discover Star With Tentacle-Like Arms

Scientists have long known that there are stars out there that copy our galaxy’s spiraling formation with a set of …

2 months ago

NASA Shelves One Of Its Most Exciting Missions After Delay

NASA has announced that its Janus asteroid mission will officially be shut down, according to a write-up in The …

2 months ago

black hole

NASA Discovers Supermassive Black Hole At The Edge Of The Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has only been in service for under a year, but the impact that it has …

3 months ago

NASA Releases Beautiful Color Photograph Of Saturn

NASA used the James Webb Telescope to take an amazing full-color image of Saturn.

3 months ago

nasa moon

NASA Is Bringing Oxygen And Water To The Moon

NASA plans to have water and oxygen on The Moon by the end of the decade, starting with the 2025 Artemis Mission.

3 months ago

NASA Spots Building Block For Life In Distant Galaxy

NASA found carbon molecules, the building block of life, in the Orion Nebula.

3 months ago


NASA Successfully Creates Oxygen On Mars

NASA’s Mars rover has managed to create oxygen.

3 months ago

mars life

NASA Begins Mars Habitat Mission For Future Crewed Journeys

NASA has begun their Mars habitat mission to determine how humans could live on the planet.

3 months ago

NASA Takes Inspiration From Kevin Costner’s Waterworld With Recycling Pee Into Water

NASA is now able to turn astronauts urine into drinking water.

3 months ago

NASA Mars Mission To Retrieve Soil Samples Has A Ludicrous Price Tag

NASA’s mission to retrieve soil samples from Mars is going to cost $10 billion, forcing the agency to push plans back for decades.

3 months ago