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James Gunn Superman Easter Egg Proves The Movie Is In Good Hands

Every new detail leaked from the upcoming Superman set puts a smile on my face. The latest tidbit is an …

4 days ago

Farscape Is Responsible For Modern Superhero Movies

For a sci-fi show that’s been off the air for almost two decades by now, Farscape has had an outsize …

1 week ago

batman arkham world

Arkham Asylum Series Canceled At Max

Every exceptionally bad villain in Gotham City of the D.C. Cinematic Universe winds up in the fictional Arkham Asylum. A …

1 week ago

James Gunn Superman Features The Perfect Cameo Tribute To The Best Superman

James Gunn already changed the title of Superman: Legacy to the more succinct Superman, calling to mind the beloved Christopher …

1 week ago


Florida Batman Is A Hero To Children In Need

By now, we’ve all become inundated with endless scenes of masked vigilantes on our television and film screens, saving humanity …

1 week ago

stephen king the dark tower

Stephen King Should Stick To Writing And Leave Marvel Alone

The last few years have not been the ideal time to be a Marvel fan. The next Big Bad was …

2 weeks ago

Green Lanterns Series Makes Switch And DC Fans Should Be Thrilled

Green Lantern’s light will now be shining on HBO, as it was officially announced that Lanterns is moving from Max …

2 weeks ago

joker origin

The Heath Ledger Joker Deserves A Proper Ending

Batman fans argue all the time over which onscreen Joker is the best. One thing we can all agree on …

2 weeks ago


DC Green Lantern Series On HBO Is Superhero True Detective?

James Gunn’s DCU has quite a few upcoming TV shows on the slate, but perhaps one of the most intriguing …

2 weeks ago

the flash

Netflix Gets The Most Infamous Superhero Sci-Fi Blockbuster Of The Decade

Netflix has become the go-to platform for many exciting releases, but it also shelters the outcasts. After hosting 50 Shades …

2 weeks ago

one piece

Netflix One Piece Season 2 Casts DC Star As The Perfect Villain

Hype is building for Netflix’s live-action One Piece Season 2, and the cast list is slowly growing. David Dastmalchian, best …

2 weeks ago

I Was Wrong About The New Superman Costume

I was wrong about David Corenswet’s Superman costume. I really hate the taste of crow but brand new on-set photos …

2 weeks ago

Superman: Legacy

Superman Photos Reveal DC Fan-Favorite Hero In Live-Action For First Time

Now that we all already know James Gunn is heading up the creative side of DC Studios at Warner Bros, …

2 weeks ago

Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Confirms James Gunn DCU Talks

Ever since James Gunn first took over creative control of the DCU, rumors have circulated suggesting the filmmaker might try …

3 weeks ago

My Adventures With Superman Is The Boys Antidote We All Need

While so-called “superhero fatigue” has been affecting the MCU for a while now, it looks like that fatigue has finally …

3 weeks ago

Dark R-Rated Horror Thriller On Max Gives DC Star Her Wildest Role

Fans of the DC cinematic universe will always remember Margot Kidder as the quintessential Lois Lane. Kidder’s star was shining …

3 weeks ago

the boys

The Boys Just Stole A Classic Batman Move

The Boys may be a send-up of superhero fiction, but the latest episode has one of its heroes borrowing an …

3 weeks ago

Russell Crowe Gives Harsh Truth To Comic Book Movie Actors

Russell Crowe has been in the Hollywood business for a long time, and part of that time has been spent …

3 weeks ago

Lucifer Is The Best Devil In All Of Movies And TV, Stream On Netflix

Maybe it’s because I love lore, mythology, and legend. Maybe it’s because I love great acting. Or maybe it’s because …

3 weeks ago

john cena peacemaker season 2

SNL Icon Joins DCU In Peacemaker Season 2

James Gunn has announced that Saturday Night Live legend Tim Meadows will join the DCU in Peacemaker Season 2. The …

4 weeks ago

watchmen chapter 1 2

New Watchmen Movie Revealed, See The Two-Part Adaptation Of The Comic Book Classic

Warner Bros. has released the first teaser trailer for its coming two-part animated film Watchmen Chapter 1 & 2. The …

4 weeks ago

batman 1989

Batman 1989 Almost Got The Greatest Directing Duo In Movie History

Before Tim Burton was hired to direct 1989’s Batman and bring one of the most beloved versions of the Caped …

4 weeks ago

DC Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Fans Finally Get Big Answer

Warner Bros. Japan anime has released a 30-second teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad Isekai anime series. Based …

1 month ago

Over-The-Top Action Comic Book Adaptation On Max Unites Multiple Marvel Stars

These days, comic book adaptations have swept cinemas, becoming some of the only bankable options for major studios. As a …

1 month ago

marvel fantastic four

The DC Hero With More Potential Than Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic

With Marvel preparing to bring The Fantastic Four into the MCU, there’s a lot of speculation about how it will …

1 month ago

batman superman

The DCU Batman Fans Want Is Way Too Old

Now that the DCU has its Superman (David Corenswet), fans have started speculating on who James Gunn might get to …

1 month ago

DC Zack Snyder

DC Suffers One Of The Biggest Flops In Franchise History

DC has already had plenty of rough outings over the years, with many of its movies being widely panned or …

1 month ago

New DC Anime Has Batman Fighting The Yakuza

Warner Bros. Japan just announced that Batman Ninja, a Batman anime movie, is receiving a sequel titled Batman Ninja vs. …

1 month ago

spider-man superman

The Boys Star Is Wrong About Superman And We Can Prove It

The Boys star Antony Starr recently said in an interview that he thinks Homelander could beat Superman in a fight. …

1 month ago