See A Tesla Confuse A Horse And Buggy With A Huge Truck

Tesla is one of the most advanced car companies in the world, but a recent vehicle's computer mistook a horse and buggy for a massive truck.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Tesla has become one of the most advanced vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company run by Elon Musk has produced sedans, trucks, and now a new semi-truck that looks to be right out of the future. All the Tesla-produced vehicles come with “self-drive” functions, making it equal parts impressive and scary to take your hands off the wheel to allow the vehicle to drive itself. Naturally, any advanced device like this would have to go through many tests. Constant updates to computer systems are likely part of owning these futuristic vehicles as well. The computer systems for these cars might want to be updated, as a Tesla driver caught an instance on the dashboard of their car mistaking a horse and buggy for a semi-truck. You can see the video below:

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To be fair, most cars that people drive are going to be programmed into a Tesla. The computer engineers that worked on this system likely did not live in an area where horse and buggy would be common. However, the above video is quite telling, as the computer system goes a bit haywire when it is behind a horse and buggy. It could have been because the horse and buggy are not traveling fast at all, and the length of the horse and buggy might resemble that of a semi-truck. Either way, it’s hilarious to see that a sophisticated computer system is completely dumbfounded by a rudimentary way of traveling.

The glitch could have also been in this Tesla owner’s computer system altogether. The screen shows a semi-truck, a sedan, and a person walking behind a sedan. None of those resemble a horse and buggy at all. Then again, as previously mentioned, a Tesla is quite an advanced vehicle. When the engineers were designing the script for the computer systems and what their vehicles would run into, they likely didn’t think a horse and buggy would be all that common. We wouldn’t allow a car to drive itself period. Mistaking a horse and buggy for a semi-truck would just be another reason we would turn that function off. Clearly, the car has some issues going on, and we wouldn’t want to be the guinea pigs for something that isn’t quite working correctly.

Artificial intelligence is also quite dodgy when it comes to computer systems trying to figure out what real-life images it is seeing. Plenty of people have been using A.I. systems to search images of real-world items and people, and those systems come up with horrifying results. The self-driving computer system likely had no idea what a horse and buggy is and decided to deduce that it was a semi-truck.

Tesla is likely to find a way to program what a horse and buggy looks like to the computer systems in its cars, or it could just ignore it altogether. Once again, it’s not like seeing a horse and buggy is all that common. We know people can take them on fancy rides through the city in places like Chicago and New York, but most other states and countries don’t use them all that often. Then again, this driver did just see one, so maybe they are not as uncommon as we think.