A Tesla Locked A Driver Inside, Attempted Murder Intended?

By James Brizuela | Updated


Tesla vehicles might be some of the most advanced cars on the road right now, but they might also be some of the most frightening. There have been plenty of horror stories from owners of the cars talking about functionality failing them when they needed it most, and now a driver has shared that his Tesla decided to randomly power down and trap him inside. To make matters worse, the driver also attempted to go through the emergency manual override steps, only to end up with a broken window in sub-zero temperatures.

Tom Exton is the name of the driver who went through this harrowing situation, and he is also a YouTuber who collects cars. Exton had just purchased a Tesla Model Y and had been driving at night for around 15 minutes with a full charge, when the vehicle warned him to pull over, as it stated it was going to power down. Despite his best efforts to get the car operational again, he had to result to going through the emergency manual override steps, and when the manual override handle was used, it caused his window to completely break.

According to Exton, “I couldn’t open the door by conventional means, so I had to use the emergency manual override latch on the door…which somehow broke the glass.” He then had to wait for over two hours for roadside assistance to reach him. He also added that this is the kind of situation that resulted in Tesla dealerships “punting” out cars on good deals, as many of them have reportedly been faulty.

Exton also stated that everyone should not purchase a Tesla, but instead get something like a Polestar. This is only one of the many horror stories that lead to the idea that these advanced vehicles are being put together with unnecessary electronics that don’t work at their full capabilities. The Tesla brand seems to have many issues with its power and with stopping people from driving at random moments.

A man last year had been driving on the highway when his Tesla decided to power down on its own, leaving him stranded and blocking traffic. Though the car said it had 160 miles worth of power left, the car decided to randomly shut off, which is something that should not be happening with cars that cost this much money. Should these highly technological computers placed in Tesla vehicles become sentient, we would imagine they could easily start killing people off by shutting down randomly.

Thankfully, Exton did not have anyone else with him, and he was able to survive the cold without succumbing to frostbite or death. The Tesla might be advanced in the sense that it can park itself but shutting down randomly is something that should scare any driver. We don’t want to put on our tin foil hats just yet, but it appears that these highly intelligent cars might be wanting to take people down slowly.

Should Tesla start rolling out more features, you might all want to skip being the test subjects for that one. At least wait until the power issues for the vehicle have been addressed. Also, maybe don’t share your darkest secrets with your Tesla, otherwise, it could use those against you when the robot uprising happens.