See Elon Musk Introduce The Terrifying Tesla Bot

Elon Musk officially revealed the terrifying-looking Tesla Bot at the Tesla 2022 AI Day event.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Well, it’s the spooky season and while we’ve been keeping you abreast of all things horror genre, today’s news may go above and beyond the thrill and chill you were expecting this Halloween. Elon Musk has officially unveiled the Tesla Bot in a freaky deeky video that you can see above. Making its big debut in front of a packed room of attendees, the robot struts its stuff down a runway set to house music.

As Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot makes its way towards the crowd, fans can be heard oohing and awing at the latest invention from the company. Along with walking on its own, the robot also waves to its adoring followers and breaks out a dance move or two along the way. When its time is up, the bot heads towards the back of the stage, while the audience is informed that this was the first time the robot has walked without its tether. 

elon musk tesla bot

Elon Musk’s reveal of the Tesla Bot is just another huge moment for the entrepreneur and inventor who’s behind other monumental businesses and advancements in science including PayPal and SpaceX. Most recently, the businessman made moves to take over Twitter, something that caused quite a shakeup in the online community. After initially putting up a fight, Twitter’s shareholders made a motion to allow Musk to purchase the social media platform for a whopping $44 billion.

Deciding that he no longer wanted to own Twitter, Elon Musk switched it up and pulled his offer from the table. Now, the company is trapped in a back-and-forth with Elon Musk and has launched a lawsuit against the Tesla Bot creator, which is currently in the works. Hoping to dodge the troublesome and impending litigation, Elon Musk has pushed to have the court date moved back, furthering the complicated dance between himself and the social media giant. 

Outside the world of Elon Musk and his Tesla Bot, the universe of AI technology is at an all-time high with recent projects booming. Our coverage alone has brought readers stories about uncaring food delivery robots with no time for the law and robot doctors lined up to be launched into space to help astronauts. There are even the two incredibly Halloween-sounding projects of dead spiders being turned into necrobots and a snake receiving a robot leg – can’t wait to watch the movie based on that one!

At the center of it all, humankind has always been interested in AI technology, so it’s no surprise that Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot is making major waves in the science community and was given such a warm welcome during its unveiling. But, just like in the sci-fi stories we so know and love, there’s of course a possible deadly side to these inventions, with the science community recently coming forward and revealing the very real chance that AI could outsmart us and become a real threat to humanity. So, while the clip above may show off a giant technological advancement, preciously raising the roof to the techno-beats playing around it, it could also be one step closer to the end of mankind as we know it.