See Domino’s Deliver Pizza Using Jet Packs In Amazing Video

Domino's used a jetpack to deliver pizza to hungry festivalgoers during Elton John's performance at Glastonbury.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Domino’s conducted an unprecedented experiment by delivering pizzas using a jet pack. In collaboration with Gravity Industries, a renowned jet suit company, the popular pizza chain used the 2023 U.K Glastonbury Festival, where the legendary musician Elton John headlined the Pyramid Stage on June 25 as its testing ground.

Spectators were astonished as they watched a Domino’s delivery driver-turned-pilot leaving a nearby pizza outlet via jet pack. The delivery man was seen soaring above fields and hedges before landing at his destination, where he personally handed pizzas to festival attendees. The stunt was perfectly coordinated to coincide with “Rocket Man” singer Elton John’s performance.

“When we realized pitching up to serve slices inside the festival was impossible, we took inspiration from this year’s headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial; it was a bit of a no-brainer,” Sam Wilson of Domino’s via the Independent said. He added that the festival receives hundreds of requests for pizza each year.

So the company decided it was the perfect opportunity to trial its jet pack delivery system.

Regarding the potential expansion of this new delivery service into a nationwide rocket-powered fleet, the Domino’s spokesperson stated, “All we can say at this stage is that the idea has legs…or wings…or jets.” The suits, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, have been customized for the pizza company to ensure that food is delivered at its usual piping-hot freshness.

“Keeping [Domino’s] pizza piping hot using the jet suit is definitely an unusual utilization of our tech, and pizza isn’t in our normal flight plan,” a Gravity Industries spokesperson explained. “But being able to exceed the average delivery time by flying through the Somerset fields and feed campers with the pizza delivery experts certainly shows the future of fast delivery service.”

“Seeing a jet suit thing fly over Glasto was wild,” Natalie Dixon, a Glastonbury attendee, said. “I’ve never seen a jet suit, let alone one delivering pizzas,” another person added, sharing the sentient. “Wtf is going on at Domino’s Glastonbury then,” someone else said after spotting the driver in the air. Other folks were just hoping to see a jetpack delivery man at their doorstep in the future.

However, given that Gravity Industries’ suits begin at a price of approximately $483,000 and can only accommodate two pizzas at a time, it remains to be seen if Domino’s could realistically implement this delivery method on a large scale any time soon.

Gravity Industries, founded by Richard Browning in April 2017, is an innovative company known for its remarkable jet suits. Each suit can harness the power of over 1000bhp jet engines, combined with the inherent balance of the human body, to create an exhilarating and captivating experience. The company often participates in global events, like the Glastonbury Festival.

These events serve as platforms to showcase their latest jetpack technology and offer spectators and businesses like Domino’s the opportunity to experience flight firsthand. Additionally, Gravity Industries operates through a diverse business model that encompasses various avenues.

This includes television and media projects, participation in commercial events and displays, and collaborations with brands.

The company also provides flight training and flight experiences to the public in the United Kingdom and the United States. The tech firm also offers “experience days” for groups, which involve comprehensive training with the jet suit and a tour of the company’s research facilities. These packages are priced at a few thousand dollars, while dedicated flight training is even more costly.

Gravity Industries had intended to introduce the Gravity Race Series in Bermuda in March 2020, but unfortunately, the event had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company maintains a permanent team of seven individuals located in Salisbury, UK. It boasts a global support network spanning various locations, which allowed it to participate in Domino’s promotion at Glastonbury.