The Walking Dead Previews Look Ahead To Games, New Characters, And Trouble

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

After season 4 of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead wrapped up on a massive cliffhanger, fans spent the ensuing months on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next.. Last night that tension was finally unleashed in the form of a bloody, brutal, action heavy season 5 premiere, “No Sanctuary.” In the wake of those events there’s a lot to chew on, and the network released two new looks at next week’s episode, “Strangers,” a couple behind the scenes peeks at the debut, as well as two surprising scenes from last night.

The first promo is the one that was tacked onto the end of the episode as it aired and gives you a look at the action from next week in a standard fashion. Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) is still talking about getting to Washington DC, you get your first glimpse at another new character, Seth Gilliam’s Father Gabriel Stokes, who fans of Robert Kirkman’s comics know well, and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tells Carl (Chandler Riggs) to never let his guard down. Sound advice after what they just experienced at Terminus.

Next up is a clip from “Strangers.” Though they may have just been through a hellish situation, the group is back together—with the exception of Beth (Emily Kinney), who is out there somewhere—and they’re relatively happy. This footage presents a rare moment of normalcy, as Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) and Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) play a game of “Good After Bad.”

But this also illustrates just how quickly things can change in this world, ending with the group hearing cries for help. Rick is reluctant to jump right in, but Carl urges him forward. As Glen pointed out in “No Sanctuary,” they have to, it’s who they are, and their tenuous grip on their humanity is the thing that sets them apart from the people like the people at Terminus. It’s going to get them into trouble, but it’s all they have to hold on to.

This first behind the scenes video is primarily concerned with the first episode, and features many of the key players, both in front of the camera and behind, talking about the this, the darkest moment in the entire series. If you haven’t watched, this gives you an idea of the brutality (and will also spoil a lot of things for you), and it covers everything from the chaotic combat to Tyreese’s (Chad L. Coleman) struggle to adjust to the harsh necessities of the world.

The second production video focuses on one large action sequence that involves lots of running and fighting and shooting and zombie killing. When you pattern a scene like this after the Normandy Beach invasion, you know you’re in for a violent, harrowing time.

As far as the next two videos go, you definitely don’t want to watch them unless you’ve seen “No Sanctuary,” or unless you don’t care. The first one is the last scene, which features a touching family reunion of sorts.

And the second video is The Walking Dead pulling a Marvel move, delivering a post-credits scene that reveals a shocking, unexpected presence. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think.