1970s Dark Horror Hidden Gem Gets Remake From Beloved Genre Actress

By Matthew Flynn | Published

A familiar face is bringing back a cult classic. Barbara Crampton, star of several eighties horror movies, has signed on as a producer of the remake of Tourist Trap.

The Legendary Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton embarked on her acting journey in the 1980s, beginning with renowned soap operas. She debuted on television with Days of Our Lives and subsequently starred in The Young and the Restless in the character of Leanna Love. She soon found her true calling in horror, which she will continue as producer of Tourist Trap.

B-Movie Scream Queen

Marking a transition in her career, Crampton ventured into the horror genre. She soon gained prominence for her roles in horror films like Chopping Mall. Her notable horror film roles include commitments as Megan Halsey in Re-Animator, Dr. Katherine McMichaels in From Beyond, and Anne Sacchetti in We Are Still Here.

These performances have earned her critical praise and award nominations, notably from the Critics’ Choice Super Awards. Her depth of experience in the genre will be advantageous as she gets to work on Tourist Trap.

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap, released in 1979, is an American supernatural slasher film directed by David Schmoeller. The film marked Schmoeller’s writing and directorial debut. He would go on to become a mainstay in the horror genre in the eighties, later directing such popular horror films as Crawlspace and Puppet Master.

A Cliche Plot

Tourist Trap’s storyline revolves around a group of youths who accidentally find themselves at a roadside museum, Lost Oasis. The museum is operated by a solitary eccentric, embittered by the construction of a new freeway that diverted traffic from his roadside attraction.

Things take a horrific turn when a mysterious killer possessing psychokinetic powers begins terrorizing the travelers. Inside Slauson’s tourist trap, items fly off of shelves, and mannequins are brought to life to attack the stranded youths.

The Cast Includes A Bond Girl

The cast of Tourist Trap includes Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, and Tanya Roberts. Interestingly, the malevolent Mr. Slausen was portrayed by Chuck Connors, who has an intriguing and diverse background.

Before his acting career, Connors played in both the MLB and NBA, one of only 13 athletes to have done so. Beyond his action-packed role in Tourist Trap, Connors is also well-known for his roles in The Big Country and Soylent Green.

Stephen King Likes It

Upon its release, Tourist Trap received mixed reviews. Variety criticized the film for being crammed with cliches, noting it was hard to take seriously. Yet, famed author Stephen King found value in the film’s unique approach, hailing it as an obscure classic due to its creepy and chilling power.

PG Horror

Despite the mixed sentiment, Tourist Trap’s PG rating proved advantageous, as it allowed the film to be frequently broadcast on syndicated television, which greatly contributed to its popularity.

There is no word yet on when production will get underway, whether the new Tourist Trap will go for a PG rating to reach an expanded audience as the original did, or if it will dial up the gore and not be bothered by receiving an R rating as most contemporary horror films do.