Get Ready To Be Buried Up To Your Neck In Pacific Rim Merch

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was always going to be a hit. It has giant monsters doing battle with giant robots, what red-blooded American doesn’t want to see that on the big screen? You can tell that the people at Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. also expect the movie to rake in a ton of cash. Why do I say this? Because they’re planning to unleash a metric butt ton of Pacific Rim merchandise upon the world. Are you ready to be buried beneath a pile of products emblazoned with a big ass robot?


Hot on the heels of a successful test screening that managed to pump up viewers and filmmakers alike, a studio press release detailed the epic scope of their marketing scheme, at least as far a movie swag is concerned. They’ve hooked up with a variety of companies and vendors, and their “broad-range” program includes, but is not limited to, toys, board games, and even Halloween costumes. I really hope they make Jaeger costumes in my size. Even if they don’t, it may warrant an attempt.

If they were to leave it at just that they would still have a pretty wide range of merch, but Pacific Rim isn’t going to stop there, oh no, they’re going for a Star Wars level of product tie-ins with this bad boy. They will also have models, puzzles, posters, replicas of key props, and apparel. Then there will be novels, art books, graphic novels, calendars, and high-end “museum quality” pieces.

And trading cards. Because people still like trading cards?

Are you drooling at the prospect of all of this stuff to spend your hard-earned dollars on? Don’t wipe it up just yet, there’s more. We haven’t even touched on the videogame side of things. There will be a slew of downloadable mobile games for your phones and tablets, as well as offerings for your PC and console.

Good lord, that’s a lot of stuff. And you can bet there’ll be the inevitable summer blockbuster deal with a random fast food franchise. Any bets on where you’ll be able to buy a vat of soda in a collectible Pacific Rim cup when the film opens on July 12?


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