Official TARDIS PC Is Bigger On The Inside

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Looking for a new desktop PC? Have an unhealthy fixation with the BBC’s long-running sci-fi adventure series Doctor Who? Well, then this TARDIS mod may be exactly what you’re looking for. This scale model replica of the Time Lord’s preferred method of time and space travel may be one of the nerdiest things you’ll ever see. And that isn’t meant to be hyperbole. If you could quantify geekiness, this particular artifact would be way up there.


I wonder if it’s bigger on the inside? In a metaphorical sense, the answer is a solid affirmative. After all, you can store all manner of pictures, albums, and documents on this bad boy, things that would take a massive amount of space in the real world. And then there’s the ability to explore virtually any known element in the world via the internet. That’s pretty damn big, too.

Designed and marketed by a British company called Scan Computers, the best part is that when the CD/DVD tray pops out, it emerges out of the Police Box sign at the top of the call box. That’s brilliant. Beyond little gimmicks and hooks like this, the machine comes with a variety of options, and you can configure it however best suits your needs.

The Scan website has an in depth, step-by-step look that goes into the process of creating one of these TARDIS computers. Sure, the price may be a bit steep for what you get (935 British pounds, which translates to roughly $1,500 American), but then again, you’re probably not buying one of these solely for the technical specs, are you?

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