Mars Et Avril Trailer: Watch Old Men Hook Up With French Hotties In Space

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Mars et Avril is a French language Canadian science fiction film based on a series of graphic novels. It looks, visually at least, pretty stunning.

Set in a futuristic Montreal (which probably explains the French) it tells the story of an elderly musician and an instrument maker who both fall for the same woman. Then here’s where it gets really weird, so I’ll just quote directly from the official plot synopsis: “She agrees to be the model for their next musical instrument but then gets lost in a virtual world on the way to Mars.”

Nothing in that sentence makes much sense but, well, it’s pretty reflective of the film’s first trailer. Check it out….

One of the most frustrating things that happens when pretentious indie filmmakers take on science fiction, is on display here. The trailer begins by introducing a really cool science fiction setting, then has a character step up and say he doesn’t care about science, and proceeds to ignore all the cool sci-fi stuff it’s been teasing us with. It’s a lot like the trailer we showed you yesterday for Safety Not Guaranteed, in which the story teases the idea of time travel, and then drops it in favor of having characters stand around in the sun and gaze at their navels.

Visually at least Mars et Avril looks stunning and I’m sure when I’m eighty I’ll appreciate the idea of old dudes hooking up with hot young French-canadian girls. I could do without all the “science is a religion” bullshit which is, objectively, bullshit and really doesn’t belong in the science fiction genre.

Mars et Avril will debut in Canadian theaters this fall. I wouldn’t expect to see it in anything other than a pretty tiny limited release, some time much further down the road, anywhere else. The trailer’s a mixed bag but maybe there’s enough there to make this worth your time. What do you think? Let us know if you plan to seek out Mars et Avril in the comments section below.