Watch Aubrey Plaza Play A Possibly Time Traveling Lesbian In Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Let me just say right off the bat, that while I have not actually seen Safety Not Guaranteed, I can guarantee there will be no actual time travel in this movie. I know because this is a Sundance Film Festival favorite, and movies that go to Sundance and have cute trailers with inspirational music in them like this one, don’t ever actually do anything cool like time travel. Instead it’s almost definitely going to use the possibility of time travel to teach some sweet lesson about innocent and living life, or something.

That said the first trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed has Parks & Rec’s extremely cute Aubrey Plaza doing her Aubrey Plaza thing in the story of a group of newspaper reporters who go to investigate an ad placed by a man who claims he can travel through time. Bring your own weapons and watch it now…

So in much the way that other Sundance favorite sorta sci-fi flick Another Earth didn’t actually do anything with the idea of there being an identical and duplicate copy of planet Earth, look for Safety Not Guaranteed to probably not do much with the whole time travel thing. Though it might actually be good, this is no Primer. Expect Safety Not Guaranteed in theaters for a limited release on June 8th.