Watch Inspirational And Gorgeous Short Film Ambition Invite You To Outer Space

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Last week, the Internet got wind of “Ambition the Film,” which we thought was going to be a much bigger project than it ended up being. That said, the surprisingly small story told ended up having a much bigger message than any feature-length film would have, and it looks absolutely fantastic to boot. Check it out below on the biggest screen you can find.

It’s all a commercial—sort of—funded by the European Space Agency to spread the word about their upcoming Rosetta Mission. Even with the somewhat weird Master and Apprentice relationship happening between Game of Thrones star Aiden Gillen and The Fall‘s Aisling Franciosi, Ambition is a stunningly rendered assertion that humanity owes it to itself to keep the drive for space travel alive and well, for it may be the only way our future can be certain. And part of that process is keeping people informed on what’s happening.

The Rosetta Mission began in 2004 and is scheduled to reach its final destination (the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko) on November 12 of this year. In the years between, the spacecraft has performed fly-bys of Mars and two asteroids, and even got put into hibernation for a while. It was reawakened earlier this year to continue on its epic quest, and part of that journey now includes The Wire‘s Mayor Carcetti making matter move by using only his mind.

Why couldn’t all science lessons in school be as compact and insightful as Ambition is in its six minutes and thirty seconds? Master and Apprentice are on the surface of an alien planet and he uses magical visual aides to explain how the Earth came into being, with crashing comets bringing water to the planet. For lack of a more detail-heavy and insightful explanation, anyway. The video is clearly going to do a better job of explaining things than I can, and the short film looks amazing in the process. I only look okay.

ambitionWant to see how the short film was made? Check out the video below.

Ambition was filmed on location in Iceland (which, though strange, is not actually an alien planet) and first screened during the British Film Institute’s Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder celebration.