Firefly Gets A Game Of Thrones Makeover With House Sigils

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


HBO’s Game of Thrones doesn’t exactly fit beneath our banner here at GFR, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m awaiting its impending return with a level of childish glee unbecoming a man of 34 years. It’s the sort of high-quality, high-budget, high-profile genre TV project that would have been nigh unimaginable not too many years ago. Thankfully it and The Walking Dead have proven that fan-beloved properties can be big business on the small screen just like they can on the big one. It would be greedy of us to ask for more at this point…but these fan-made Game of Thrones-style “House Sigils” for the Firefly crew make me somewhat dizzy with the possibilities…


The Sigils were actually created using an actual bit of Game of Thrones marketing, the JoinTheRealm website which lets you create your own personalized house sigil. Redditor CerebralBypass got the clever idea of using it to create sigils for people far more entertaining than your or I, and thus were we introduced to the ancient and honored House of Washburne. Which, granted, should probably involve some sort of Hawaiian-shirt background, but I’ll let that slide.

Major props to CerebralBypass for picking perfect quotes to accompany each sigil. I actually busted out laughing on the Kaylee one because my brain immediately played back her delivery of the line. Although it also occurs to me that Jayne’s motto should really be “I’ll be in my bunk.”

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, March 31st.