New Ender’s Game Details Plus Fleet Logo Revealed

By Jenny Xu | 9 years ago

You can exhale Ender’s Game fans; Battle School definitely won’t be portrayed as a sleep away space camp where kids sing around camp fires and while making model rockets. In the newest Ender’s Game production blog entry entry reveals that the young actors had to go through boot camp, where they were taught to march in unison, and even, rather stereotypically, given pushups if they messed up. Accordingly, these kids are now more ripped than any of us could ever hope, or probably want to be.

They probably all look like this now:

About the internal monologues, there won’t be a voiceover. Most of what Ender and the other characters are thinking will either be transferred into the script or kept entirely out. Bean’s character will still be relatively prominent, probably thanks to Orson Scott Card’s heartfelt pleas for them not to butcher the books any more than they have to, but they’re leaving it up to the viewers to decide if Aramis Knight’s character is truly “pivotal.”

Also up to the viewers is the concept of time and the characters’ ages. The books follow Ender as he spends five years in Battle School, from age six to eleven. However, the actors won’t be shown getting older in the movies, so the plot will be much more compressed. It is unclear whether there will be any Rocky style training montages, but expect to see numerous “One doesn’t simply walk in to Battle School” memes from disgruntled fans after the premier.

And lastly, yes, empathy will be retained as the weapon of choice.