US Government Admits They Have Crashed UFOs And Are Testing Them

Think UFO news is going away anytime soon? Think again. In fact, it appears the government has been testing alien metals for decades now

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old


UFO talk has ramped up hot and heavy over the last year or so. News around flying saucers, potential sightings, and the government maybe even having a cover-up or two is becoming nearly daily news. That isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. In fact, we might be heading for first contact sooner than we think. Heck, we might have already had it and just don’t know. The recent news is that the Pentagon apparently has been actively testing wreckage from possible UFO crashes for years now. 

This latest addition to the UFO conspiracy log comes from researcher Anthony Bragalia. Apparently, using the Freedom of Information Act, he received over 150 pages of government documents that detail the recovery and testing of mysterious metals related to what many believe was the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Among the details in the documents was a description of the alloy Nitinol. This is composed of nickel and titanium with the ability to “remember” its shape and, when heated, can return to an original formation. 

The somewhat ingenious way Bragalia was able to get the info, which ended up being heavily redacted, was requesting information about the metal alloy rather than about the UFO crash itself. Because of this loophole, the Pentagon apparently gave up the goods about what they’d discovered at the crash site and who had performed tests on the mysterious findings. In the documents, they describe the memory metal and how it was tested by the company Bigelow Aerospace. He was able to put two-and-two together that this metal was likely from the reported Roswell crash. 

The 1947 Roswell UFO incident has been shrouded in much mystery over the last 60+ years. While the government has long claimed that the crashed object was merely a test weather balloon, that hasn’t stopped the speculation that a great conspiracy was at play. Remains of an object were found miles away from the city leading many to speculate that it was a downed flying saucer. Many books have been written about the incident, ramping up speculation that the government was being less than forthright with the true nature of the wreckage. 

In terms of UFO messaging of late, things are only starting to ramp up. Just last week there were reported sightings in both Salt Lake City, Utah, and Florida as well. This follows an increase over the last year in UFO reports, conspicuously timed with the onset of the pandemic. It could be that more people being home means more time looking at the skies. Or it could be that folks are just insanely bored. Either way, the numbers have only ticked up in terms of “documented” UFO news. 

If the memory alloy wreckage at Roswell news conjures up thoughts about Independence Day, you aren’t the only one. It could be that the government has been sitting on a cache of alien metal for all these years. If so, I’d sure like to know about it. Likely this is much ado about nothing, just another entry into the conspiracy journal for which Occam’s Razor typically gives the actual truth. But with researchers now finding workarounds for uncovering government data we might see a continued unveiling of new information. Heck, we might even get a cover-up or two exposed.