UFO Filmed Over Salt Lake City, See Video Footage

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago


Things you don’t expect to see at five in the morning: a fleet of bright objects flying in a clear line across the sky. Naturally, this is more unsettling when storm clouds are rolling in. Residents near Salt Lake City, Utah watched as an assembly of UFOs passed over them early Thursday morning. Jennifer Campbell of West Valley City was able to record a solid minute of the line of unidentified flying objects. 

The footage is something to see. You can watch the video over at ABC4. You will notice a clear line of moving lights moving over the area and off toward the mountains that surround the greater Salt Lake area. The person recording can be heard saying that they believe there were at least a hundred of the unidentified objects. The UFO sighting follows a huge event for the sky just the day before. In South Florida, people watched something unknown fly in broad daylight. 

Fortunately for Utah residents who may have been at least slightly unsettled, the mystery of their UFO sighting has an explanation. Was it the Air Force? No. Was it birds, superman, or extraterrestrial life come to finally greet us? Not yet. It was Elon Musk. Or at least, the objects were a project from one of his companies.

Elon Musk

Starlink currently has over a thousand satellites in the sky, with thousands more to come. These satellites are typically not visible. However, occasionally, we’ll get a glimpse. This has led to many exciting UFO sightings since a string of moving lights in the sky is particularly unusual. The company works to make its satellites invisible and is getting better at it all the time. Still, occasionally, depending on where they are and the sun’s angle, we can see them. The website Find Starlink actually allows you to put in your coordinates and determine when you’re most likely to spot them for yourself. 

Starlink is a company related to SpaceX. Often, SpaceX will launch rockets carrying a payload of satellites for Starlink. These satellites are closer to Earth than satellites have been traditionally. They are providing low latency broadband in areas where internet service is lacking. Their goal is to provide global coverage for the populated world. As their numbers grow, they will likely lead to a lot more UFO sightings. 

While we are hearing of more UFO sightings during the past year, Utah residents would be particularly watchful. We still don’t have definitive answers about the monoliths we saw popping up around the world in 2020. One of those monoliths was found in southern Utah, in a remote part of Red Rock Country. Of course, nationwide, the USA is a bit more aware of unidentified objects in the night sky after the Pentagon has released reports and more information is being made public. Technology is making it easier for us to record what’s happening in the night sky. People like Neil deGrasse Tyson, and many others, are encouraging alien curiosity. It may be a good time to start enjoying your morning coffee while looking up at the stars. You never know what you might catch up there.