Tiny Star Wars Vehicles Made Out of Paper

By Nick Venable | Published

There are people out there who are better at making paper airplanes than I am at writing articles for Giant Freakin’ Robot. But this isn’t an apology to all of you. This is a swinging spotlight finding its way to someone who makes those paper airplane bitches look like complete failures.

We’re talking inch-long Star Wars ships made out of paper, created by micro-mastermind artist David Canavese, out of San Jose. Canavese has been creating these intricate little beauties since 2007, with 2012 being a particularly prolific year for him. But 2013 is where we are, and so that’s where we start. He most recently created the finger-length Pincer Class Heavy Transport ship, which he takes from the graphic novel Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron – The Phantom Affair. The details on this thing are seemingly as thin as Canavase’s fingerprints. And like fingerprints, they’re an individual trait of his, since not many people can call themselves masters of this hobby.



Probably the most impressive of any of these is his half-inch-long Millennium Falcon, could likely fit inside one of Harrison Ford’s nostrils. Top quality work all around with this guy. A Blockade Runner, which took him a week to complete and five seconds to blow my mind with, is shown below, with a Mobquet Transport below it.




This is the way.

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