Tesla Coil Electricity Battle Charges Up Irish Festival

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Ask anyone who is standing around you right now to say something about Ireland, and I would place a hypothetical million-dollar bet on that person saying “drinking” or “famine,” with a $50,000 side bet that they say it using a terrible accent. I seriously doubt any instance where that person would say, “Futuristic color-coordinated electricity-battle kings,” but that may certainly change after the world watches this video.

Unfortunately recorded by an amateur instead of a professional, 12-man camera crew, the video was taken at some point during the 17-day Belfast Festival at Queen’s, the annual arts, music and comedy festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The two men (I am assuming genders here) are standing atop Tesla coils, doing their absolute damnedest to look like the most badass offspring possible birthed from a Power Ranger and an American Gladiator. If my tone sounds insulting, it’s only because I’m extremely jealous of these guys, and also certain that I would look cooler than they do. Though I’m not as proficient at electro-stick twirling.

Altogether different from the sideshow of breasts and street-corner musicians of Mardi Gras, or the passed-out Widespread Panic-loving rapists at Burning Man, this bright and seemingly dangerous array of choreographed light fighting could probably go on a world tour. (Though hopefully staying away from any slots opening for AC/DC.) Either that, or they could sell off the concept to the Blue Man Group, but I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell the red guy that his role has been usurped. He might try to electrocute me.

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