James Bond Recasting Is Over, Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is The New 007?

By TeeJay Small | Published

aaron taylor-johnson

After years of uncertainty regarding the future of the franchise, it appears as though Aaron Taylor-Johnson is all but confirmed to be the next James Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson The Next 007?

aaron taylor-johnson

According to a recent insider report from The Sun, the British actor has apparently been tapped to take on the leading role for the foreseeable future. While Aaron Taylor-Johnson has not yet officially signed on, the reports say that the role has been formally offered to him and that he is expected to agree to the terms of the contract in the coming days.

James Bond Script Coming Next?

idris elba

With Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the James Bond role, producers from Eon Productions will finally be able to churn out a proper script and begin shooting the next installment in the 007 franchise by the end of this year.

Daniel Craig previously starred as the womanizing martini drinker for over 15 years, though he eventually soured on the prospect of continuing the performance, even controversially stating he would sooner cut his wrists than continue being Bond on camera.

Other Names Considered After Daniel Craig

Luckily, Daniel Craig has been released from his obligation, and a new era of the British spy can finally begin jet-setting across the big screen.

Before Aaron Taylor-Johnson was offered the James Bond role, however, a number of possible names were considered, with some off-type casting options championed by the internet.

Many Bond fans wished to see a brand new iteration of the character, as portrayed by a woman, or a black man, rather than the standard white British male 007 audiences have seen since 1962.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson A Disappointing Decision?

aaron taylor-johnson

While some new faces, such as Idris Elba, were considered for the latest Bond outing, film producer Barbara Broccoli, who controls the 007 brand, has made it clear that she prefers a man in the title role and would rather create new roles for women than gender-bend Bond.

Regardless, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s James Bond casting will surely disappoint some fans who wished to see a refreshing take on the long-running character.

Action Background

Still, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is more than capable of portraying the iconic spy, as he previously showcased his high-octane action chops in a number of thrilling films.

The new James Bond lead has starred in superhero films such as Kick-Ass and Avengers: Age of Ultron and is currently poised to lead Sony’s Kraven the Hunter film, which hits theaters this August.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson also starred in films such as Bullet Train and The King’s Man, which have their fair share of James Bond-style action and adventure.

Not 100% Confirmed

aaron taylor-johnson

While the casting is still not 100 percent confirmed, it is not much of a surprise to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson take on the James Bond mantle, as he was originally rumored for the job in 2022.

The 33-year-old actor was listed as a frontrunner for the role before the SAG-AFTRA strike shut down production throughout much of 2023, putting a pause on the entire Bond franchise for nearly a year. No plot details or additional casting are currently confirmed for the forthcoming Bond film, though more details are sure to arrive in the coming weeks.

Source: The Sun