Dozens Of Snakes Surprise Runners In Shocking Video

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


If it feels like snakes are popping up literally everywhere these days, you probably aren’t alone. Not a day goes by when some unsuspecting citizen, minding their own damned business as it were, seems to stumble on these reptiles in the most unlikely of places. Some places are weirder than others, but they do feel like they are around every corner. This latest sighting isn’t so much surprising for the location, but more for the sheer numbers. Hikers in Georgia were walking along their merry way when they stumbled upon snakes in numbers that you really only see in horror movies. 

The encounter with these snakes was captured on YouTube and was along the Big Creek Greenway trail in Georgia. On a walking bridge around the beginning of the trailhead, the hikers spotted something like looked odd in the marshy brush under the bridge. At first, it looked like just a bunch of twigs and branches popping out of the edge of the water. But soon it came into focus that it was actually dozens and dozens of snakes piled all over each other. Check out the video:

The voice in the video says that there are snakes everywhere and she isn’t kidding. The off-putting part about this encounter if you aren’t into snakes, is just how “hidden” they were among the brush before you really stopped to look closer at the ground. Sure, camouflage is great when you are making sure you can’t be spotted by another predator, or want to have it so prey don’t see you coming. But I like my nature out there in open with no real surprises around any corner. Give me a brightly coated, super obvious snake encounter so I can at least see what I’m dealing with. I don’t need this kind of stumble upon the scenario in which I don’t know they are there until maybe it’s too late. 

People running into snakes these days is becoming rather commonplace. Sure, this one was in a park that butts up against a marshy area so we can’t really get all that surprised about seeing them here. If you are on a hike, you are kind of asking for it. In this case, it was that the number of snakes was easily in the double-digit territory. But other encounters have had snakes showing up in places where you simply don’t want them slithering across your path. 

snakes snake

Whether it has been in the grocery store moving across a section of bean cans, in someone’s closet when they were putting away laundry, or hanging out in city streets among the cars and buses, they’ve been benign but still somewhat chilling run-ins. And then there were the encounters in which the stakes were a little higher. A man was face-to-face with a deadly snake out to sea in his fishing boat and a rattlesnake trapped two dudes in their office as well. The incidents have been all over the literal map. 

With all of these encounters popping up, it’s best to be on the lookout for snakes in every situation imaginable. There’s no way to narrow them down at this point.