Giant Snake Caught Hiding Under Cars In A Busy Parking Lot

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


Feel like there’s nowhere safe? Like you can’t even go about your typical daily business without the threat of running into a snake in some unexpected spot? As if every corner you turn as one of these reptiles hiding just on the other side? I totally get it. That’s been the case over the last couple of months with snakes seemingly appearing in the most unlikely of places. And now we have another example with folks running across a huge one in a parking lot

This latest snake sighting happened in College Station, Texas, and had some local shoppers more than a little surprised. In the middle of the parking lot was a massive snake that was slithering between cars. Some folks grabbed a picture and a video of the reptile before it went underneath another shopper’s car. At that point, the driver drove away, presumably with the snake in tow. After the car had pulled away the snake was nowhere to be found. 

The driver of the car apparently knew the snake was there but decided to have the passenger hitch a ride anyway. The thought process was to have it fall off in transit thereby getting it out of the parking lot and away from everyone else. The first part appears to have at least worked with the snake gone from sight after the dude drove away. 


This particular snake, from the video, looked to be about a foot, to two feet long. By and large, that’s not all that big a snake in the grand scheme of things. The issue at hand, which has been the case for snake sightings recently, is that they are showing up in the most unexpected of places. It’s one thing to see a decent-sized snake in say a terrarium, pet shop, or local zoo. It’s a totally different thing to catch a glimpse of one when you are pushing your shopping cart out to your car in the middle of a crowded parking lot. There’s just a different feeling altogether. 

This most recent snake run-in is becoming par for the course these days. People have been catching these things everywhere, getting startled to no end by snakes popping up out of nowhere. There were the local radio station guys who were held hostage in their office by a rattlesnake the other day. Or there was the woman who found one in her closet while putting away her laundry. Then there was the Australian fisherman who had a deadly tiger snake in his boat with him along for the ride. We’ve had huge ones in public parks and even on grocery store shelves. They are becoming commonplace. 

What happened with this parking lot snake we might never know. Maybe it made it all the way home with the driver. Or maybe it got dropped off in some other parking lot, waiting there for the next group of innocent shoppers to leave the store and get caught off guard. Maybe they’ll grab a video too and we can start the process all over again.