See A Woman Getting Wrapped Up By A Massive Snake

By Doug Norrie | 14 seconds ago

snake snakes

When it comes to snakes, some people don’t want to be anywhere near them and some can’t get close enough. I’d count myself firmly in the former group with very little understanding about anyone in the latter group. But to each, his or her own obviously and some folks just like to sit down and snuggle up with a massive, deadly reptile if they get the chance. That was the case recently with a woman who posted something you don’t see every day. On Instagram, she put up a video of a little relaxing time that involved a couch and a huge snake wrapped around her neck. 

The Instagram reel came via the appropriately titled @royal_pythons account which posted a video from @w3tchb3tch. It shows a woman laying down with a snake that’s wrapped seemingly all the way around her. Not stopping there, she ends up getting a little affectionate as well, giving the snake a kiss and muttering a friendly, “I love you.” Again, I have a very different relationship with snakes in this sense. If this thing was even in my living room I’d be dialing the reptile equivalent of 911. Check it out:

The comments in the Instagram reel are worth the price of admission as well with more than a few folks not having anything about this video or what’s happening with the snake. Some enthusiasts rang in that no snake would actually enjoy this scenario with some calling into question the general cleanliness of kissing a snake at all. Some were into it, but those were few and far between.

Look, is this person in any real danger from a snake attack? Most likely not. Judging by the size of the snake, it doesn’t seem likely that there could be any harm done. Now, is it the right way to treat a reptile such as this? I suppose that can be debated at length. I am not in tune enough with the proclivities of a snake or the proper handling to know if this is appropriate or not. My guess is no, but it’s simply a guess. 

And while this situation and video with the snake is, by all accounts, pretty benign, that isn’t always the case. Recently there was an incident that made it all the way into some pretty specific medical journals that had a man getting bit by a snake in an unfortunate spot. While the man was sitting on a toilet, the snake took the opportunity to take a go at the dude’s genitalia and ended up sending the guy to the emergency room. Some specialists and skin grafting later the guy was fine, but this is exactly what you don’t want to happen. 

In general, most encounters with a snake or snakes will end with exactly nothing happening. That’s just the way of the natural world. Putting yourself in compromised situations, or scaring the snake are two ways to have it end badly. But those are few and far between. I’m not sure where sitting on a couch, cuddling, and kissing a snake lands in this spectrum, though it’s probably in the “safe but weird” category.