Huge Python Snake Found Hiding In A Family’s Bathroom

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago


In a Queensland, Australia bathroom, a parent used their restroom like normal, left the room for their daughter to take their turn, only to be met with their child’s screams as she ran out of the bathroom. There was a snake. There was a very, very big snake. The kid was not joking. The family called the team behind Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 to take care of the massive surprise hiding behind their toilet paper.

Stuart McKenzie traveled to the family’s home. He captures and relocates dangerous snakes regularly. Still, he gave a sound of surprise in the group’s Facebook video at the size of the carpet python he found hiding on top of the dryer. After recovering the snake, he let the python go back in the wild and suggested it don’t reenter any bathrooms anytime soon. Typically, McKenzie relocates snakes found outdoors in dangerous situations. Still, he told Newsweek that the bathroom isn’t one of the stranger places he’s found a dangerous snake. Even larger ones have a talent for getting in small spaces.

The Sunshine Coast in Australia has twenty different kinds of snakes and eight of them are potentially life-threatening critters. This family’s bathroom turned out to have a carpet python, which isn’t venomous so probably not lethal, but still not something you want in your home. The carpet pythons are shy, but if you come upon one, they won’t be afraid to bite you. They have 80 curved teeth, so letting them dig in can be quite painful. Calling in a team to deal with one when you find it in your bathroom sounds like a good plan. Although, hopefully, that never happens.

python snake

Weirdly, if you try to look for advice on how to make sure that never happens, the internet suggests keeping your home free of mice and rats. Rodents running around your home will attract hungry pythons, so don’t let mice and rats hang around. Most of us probably don’t need that advice, but good to know.

Australians are no strangers to finding big snakes lurking about. Just a few days ago, a video emerged of a carpet python underneath a riverfront deck. This incident also happened in Queensland. The video shows the snake catcher holding up the long snake, which is longer than the man himself.

ocean reptile

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 group is dedicated to sharing information about snakes online with the locals. They’ve been doing this for over fifteen years. They want to make sure that people know things like, don’t mess with dangerous reptiles on your own, don’t try to kill them, and also, conservation efforts that may help protect the reptiles local to Australia.

Carpet pythons can grow to be thirteen feet in length, though they average about eight feet long. The females may lay up to 20 eggs at a time, so a pregnant carpet snake in your house sounds like a terrible nightmare indeed. They’re fairly common in Australia everywhere except Tasmania. They like wet environments as well as deserts, so they’re not picky. A fair number of people keep the large reptiles as pets. As pets, they can be expected to live over twenty-five years.