M3GAN Life-Size Doll Is The Creepiest Possible Thing Ever And People Are Going To Buy It

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

Fans of the 2022 killer doll movie M3gan can now make their dream of owning their very own killer doll a reality. NECA has announced their life-size replica of the movie doll is available for preorder on their digital storefront The doll is a perfect replica of the version that appeared in the movie, making it a great, if creepy, product for horror fans. 

M3GAN Is Terrifying

NECA went into great detail to replicate the movie version of M3gan. The replica stands 55 inches tall, with screen-accurate clothing that uses the same fabric as the film version, custom-made shoes, movable eyes, and synthetic hair. As a premium replica, the doll costs $494.99, making it a product for superfans and collectors more than casual fans. 

A Massive Horror Hit

m3gan 2

When it was released in 2022, M3gan took the horror world by storm, winning critics and audiences over and bringing in a sizable box-office haul. The movie generated a tone of hype among horror movie fans and received overwhelmingly positive reviews, earning 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It was also a financial success, earning $181 million at the box office on a $12 million budget. 

Going Viral

The movie is about Gemma, a roboticist working for a toy company, her eight-year-old niece, and Gemma’s pet project, the AI-controlled robot doll M3gan. The doll, programmed to keep Cady safe and happy after her parent’s death, slowly learns to become homicidal in pursuit of those goals. The doll’s gradual progression from plaything to a sentient killing machine is a great horror premise that the movie executes flawlessly. 

The movie also caught the online zeitgeist even before it was actually released. The trailer featured a scene of M3gan dancing in a hallway that caught the internet’s attention and led to several moments from the movie becoming memes. These memes helped elevate the movie’s popularity, making it recognizable even to those who have never seen the movie. 

Joins Horror Legends With Good Marketing

The movie’s premise of a doll gaining sentience and turning into a murderer makes the replica doll both extra creepy and extra appealing for fans. Plenty of horror movies sell merch, like the iconic Ghostface mask from Scream, but few horror movies can sell an exact copy of the horror antagonist. As an evil doll movie, M3gan is in the perfect position to make such a unique piece of merchandise. 

M3GAN 2.0

drew barrymore m3gan

The popularity of this lifesize replica may be impacted next year when the sequel comes out. Currently set to release on May 16, 2025, M3gan 2.0 will determine if the series will become the next great horror franchise or if the first movie will stand alone as a great movie with a disappointing sequel. If the second movie is a flop, it could tarnish the stellar reputation of the first movie, but if it’s another hit, NECA could benefit from increased demand for the lifesize, movie-accurate dolls. 

Preorders for the doll are open with an expected shipping date of later this year. NECA is an established company specializing in pop-culture collectibles and action figures, so the quality will likely live up to the high price tag. A perfectly replicated lifesize doll of a killer robot doll may not be for everyone, but for fans of M3gan, it’s the perfect movie collectible.