See The Massive Snake Caught After Floods In Australia

See the massive snake found in a home following devastating floods that have ravaged much of Eastern Australia over the last few weeks.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Floods have been ravaging Eastern Australia in recent weeks, causing significant damage and there has even been some loss of life as well. It’s been devastating for the region across the board. One of the byproducts and after-effects of this kind of flooding has also been the displacement of different animals and wildlife. Sometimes it’s because they are seeking new places to live and other times it’s because they were washed into new regions. Snakes have been one of those species and they are starting to show up all over the place in Australia, many times where residents simply don’t want them. One snake, in particular, was about as big as you’ll see them.

Snake catchers in this region have been working overtime since the floods to answer calls from homeowners and residents who are continually finding these things in and around their homes. And sometimes, they can be of the massive variety, more than just a little intruder in the garden. That was the case with one call to Brisbane North Snake Catchers who’ve been doing work in the area. Glenn Lawrence, who works for the company, can be seen below with a massive snake he caught on one of the calls. Check this thing out and imagine what you would do if you found it in your home. 

According to Lawrence, this is the red-bellied black snake and he makes note that in these weeks after the flood he’s caught more of them in the region than at any other point during his career. This is saying something considering he’s been at it for a couple of decades. The average red-bellied black snake can measure more than four feet in length though this one obviously looks considerably longer, likely at least six feet if the proportions in the picture can be believed. This kind of snake is also venomous, though not deadly.  If bitten by this species of snake, the victim can expect significant pain, swelling, illness and in rarer cases may require surgery to treat the spot of the bite. In short, you don’t want to get snapped at by these things. 

The floods in Australia lasted multiple weeks and have been one of the worst natural disasters ever for this region of the country. Extreme rainfall caused rivers to overflow and this region, already known to have sustained flood damage in the past, was ravaged once again over an extended timeline. When residents returned to their homes after the worst of the flooding had abated, many were greeted with snakes and spiders in their homes. In addition to the red-bellied black snake, which is the most common in the region, the other species was the eastern brown snake which is a much bigger problem. This kind of snake is considered to be the second-most venomous kind in the world (inland taipan is the most) and is thought to have killed around 20 people in a ten-year stretch between 2005 and 2015. 

In all, this is a devastating time for those living in Eastern Australia, made worse by having to manage other creatures who’ve now taken up residence in homes. This is likely a problem that will continue for some time considering the nature of the disaster and it looks like the Brisbane snake catching groups have been working overtime during this period. 

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