Rarest Alligator In The World Born And It’s Stunning To See

By Britta DeVore | Published

Feast your eyes on this marvel of the animal kingdom as ScienceAlert reports that the rarest alligator on Earth has made its grand birthing debut into the world! The tiny reptile was born in Florida (of course) at a gator-centered amusement park outside of Orlando called Gatorland. What makes this scaled critter so special is its ice-cold blue eyes that are real eye-catchers against its white hatching.

Leucistic Alligator

If you’re thinking to yourself ‘This isn’t the rarest alligator, it’s just albino,’ think again as the folks running Gatorland say that this is a hard-to-find reptile known as a leucistic alligator. Leucism is a genetic disorder that happens when the cells are unable to produce pigment as opposed to albinism which is when melanin is lacking in an organism. As opposed to this blue-eyed all-white gator, an albino alligator would appear with pink eyes and pale yellow skin.

An Extraordinary Birth

Known as the world’s largest white gator breeding ground, Gatorland released a statement on Facebook to celebrate the momentous occasion of the tiny leucistic alligator. The press release shared that the birth of the rarest alligator in the world was decades coming as the first of its kind was found in the swamps of Louisiana almost 40 years ago. The tiny baby is the descendent of these original gators and a natural phenomenon that the high brass at the facility call “extraordinary.”

Only Seven Living Leucistic Alligators

There’s a good reason that the run-of-the-mill animal lover (and not gator-obsessed individual) has likely never heard of leucistic alligators. While the newest member of the Gatorland family may be the rarest alligator on Earth, others of its kind are equally as hard to come by with only seven known living leucistic alligators in the world. Of those seven, Gatorland has three of them, which could raise some eyebrows, but today it’s all about that tiny little cutie (this is absolutely giving us Tiger King vibes).

Healthy Baby Alligators

Putting the wonders of genetics on full display, it would blow minds to know that the rarest alligator in the world was born alongside one “normal” looking gator. This comes down to the genetic makeup of the parents with dominant and recessive genes doing their thing to create one gorgeous white alligator with dazzling blue eyes. Both siblings are doing well with the family relocated to an area known as the ‘White Gator Swamp’ where those with a fairer complexion can safely stay out of the Sun’s bright rays. 


From here on out, it will hopefully be an easy and wonderful life for the rarest alligator in the world as it’s sure to have plenty of visitors flocking to Florida to catch a glimpse for themselves. The female gator will also likely live for many years as, as opposed to albinism, leucism isn’t linked to the same genetic anomalies that may shorten its lifespan.

Safely kept under the watchful eye of the handlers at Gatorland, it’s likely that the little gator will see many years ahead of her and may even give birth to other white-as-snow alligators down the line.

While Florida has given us some terrifying news as of late (we’re looking at you Burmese python), the birth of the rarest alligator in the world restores the cuteness of the Sunshine State.