So Long, And Thanks For All The Hitchhiker’s Guide Cookies

By Nick Venable | Published

Usually when I get a sweet tooth, I’m not picky about what I end up eating. Nutella toast, bread pudding ice cream, caramel banana pie, whatever. I’d even take a Peanut Butter Twix if I can get it on the spot. Something I almost never do is make a dessert that is as pretty as it is tasty. That’s why I usually hand out pieces of birthday pile instead of birthday cake.

Monica Holbert, also known as the Cookie Cowgirl, is as talented an amateur cookie artist as you’ll find, and I promise my opinion isn’t skewed just because she most recently made a batch of cookies themed after Douglas Adams’ science fiction comedy masterpiece, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yeah, I realize that just because I like all of the designs, especially the dependable towel and the dolphin, it doesn’t mean they taste good. Even so, I still wish I had two heads like Zaphod Beeblebrox so that I could feast on these treats at twice the speed.


Just in case you’re not into life, the universe, or everything, the Cookie Cowgirl has created a ton of other themed collections, using video games and movies as her guide. But wait…this Doctor Who set wasn’t on there before. It must have come back in time to fight some milk dragon or a cupcake monster, but the only way we can ensure the Doctor’s survival is to, well, eat him. All 11 of him, to be precise. Mmm, TARDIS.


Peruse the rest of the website for some really interesting and inspirational ideas for special snacks for the ones you love. Or in the case of the Cars-inspired cookies, the ones you really don’t give a shit about.