Laika AI Robot Dog Will Help Astronauts

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Designboom reports an incredible blend of cutting-edge robotics and space exploration technology in the form of Laika, the AI robot dog created by Jihee Kim at Hongik University.

More than a technological marvel, the robotic companion is designed to assist astronauts in future space missions. The pictures are courtesy of Designboom.

Laika Robot Dog Is A Game-Changer

These missions include NASA’s Artemis and Moon to Mars, slated between 2025 and 2030.

Cute and futuristic, the Laika AI robot dog amounts to a game-changer in terms of offering astronauts physical, emotional, and technological support. 

Humanity’s best friend for the great beyond, the metallic pet was named after the first (real) dog to venture into space in 1957.

The new, high-tech canine is intended to play several roles; Laika’s onboard responsibilities include serving as a friend to the crew, family member for the long and emotionally taxing voyages, and even health coach.

Titanium Body

 laika AI

The Laika AI dog boasts a robust titanium body prepared to endure the difficulties of outer space (alongside Earth’s most hostile environs).

The Laika AI robotic pet represents the ideal companion for accompanying astronauts on the leisurely walk or tiring jog, extending much-needed emotional support via its brilliant design. 

It may seem surprising, but a companion—even if an emotional support dog made from titanium—for beyond the Earth’s atmosphere constitutes a significant step forward. 

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

 laika AI

And the silvery Laika AI creature provides more than mere company aboard a spaceship. Laika is indeed a veritable hub of advanced technology sporting state-of-the-art sensory capabilities. She comes equipped with depth cameras, thermal imaging cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and even slam cameras.

Through these futuristic features, the Laika AI robot dog can retain an acute awareness of her surroundings and can thus detect space, objects, and human beings from all directions and in various contexts.

The dog also features an extraordinary addition—an ECG sensor embedded in her neck, monitoring the space crew’s health when they interact with her. 

Multitasking Robot Dog

 laika AI

Additionally, the dog shines in terms of both emotional connection capabilities and practicality.

Laika can emotionally connect with humans to a surprising degree, given her multi-joint movements, which are reportedly as expressive as that of an actual dog, mirroring the physical hallmarks of real dogs to an uncanny degree.

On the other side of the coin, the dog features a stretchable handle on her back, which functions for multiple tasks—including carrying a small bottle amidst exercises or easing the astronaut’s task of transporting the pup herself. 

Future Of Sci-Fi

robot dogs

The dog’s future prospects are also exciting and similarly the stuff of sci-fi.

For example, Laika’s developers anticipate integrating her with mixed-reality glasses down the line, enabling astronauts to interact with her via real-time information and updates.

Immeasurably improving the user experience with the Laika AI robot dog, the glasses will deepen the degree to which interacting with Laika is immersive and informative. 

Astronaut Companion


Ultimately, the Laika AI robotic pet comprises a significant step forward in the development and application of robotics.

Especially concerning emotional and physical support in challenging environments like space, the robo-dog’s attractive, organic design and cutting-edge technology set her apart.

Laika AI will surely evolve into an indispensable companion for astronauts, improving their quality of life during lengthy, demanding space voyages.