Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Now Street Legal

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

A few weeks ago we showed you video evidence that Google has created a self-driving car. But even in light of that evidence, we were skeptical. The test they showed had the car driving around on roads with no traffic and much of the route seemed pre-programmed. Apparently none of this bothers the state of Nevada, because they’ve gone ahead and made the thing street legal.

On Monday Nevada approved Google’s license application for their “autonomous vehicles”. The license was issued after Google demonstrated its abilities on state freeways, state highways, in Carson City neighborhoods, and even drove it (or rather let it drive itself) down the extremely busy Strip in Las Vegas. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles was convinced.

CNN says self-driving vehicles will now be issued a red license plate featuring the infinity symbol (∞) and the letters “AU” (short for Autonomous Vehicle). What they don’t say is who gets the ticket if the thing runs a stop sign. To be fair, shouldn’t it go to Google?

Here’s that video of the self-driving car in action, with a blind man behind the wheel. Watch it again and tell us if you’re as convinced as the State of Nevada is…