Jordan Peele Reveals His Dream Casting Choice For Next Movie

By Jason Collins | Published

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Jordan Peele, the director of the universally acclaimed 2017 psychological horror film Get Out, recently revealed that he wants to cast Dev Patel for yet another collaboration in the future after the two have already worked on the recently premiered Monkey Man.

Jordan Peele And Dev Patel

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The filmmaker talked about working with Dev Patel in one of his interviews, revealing his interest in casing the actor and director in one of his future projects under his own production company. “I always wanted to work with Dev as an actor. It will happen,” said Jordan Peele. However, Peele didn’t share any details about the potential project he and Patel would work on, so his statement stands as praise to Patel and not an announcement of a new project—though, who knows, Monkey Man seems to be popular with both critics and audiences.

The Pair Worked On Monkey Man

That particular movie is Dev Patel’s directorial debut, and besides starring as a lead, he was also one of the film’s writers, while Jordan Peele served as the movie’s producer. For those who haven’t seen Monkey Man, the movie revolves around Kid, an anonymous young man who earns his living by illegal fights. While fighting, Kid wears a monkey mask and dons the moniker of Monkey Man, after the legend of Hanuman, told to him by his mother. It’s a classic tale of revenge with a modern twist.  

Peele Helped Save The Movie

Dev Patel also shared that Jordan Peele helped Monkey Man change direction and had a massive role in the film’s success, particularly as he took the details that were brushed under the carpet and made them near-centerpieces of the new film. He also added that Peele’s production helped him a lot as a debut director. Furthermore, Peele also supported the movie financially after Monkey Man‘s co-financier, Bron Studios, declared bankruptcy.

The Death Stranding Movie

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As for Jordan Peele, the Oscar- and Emmy-winning director, writer, actor, producer, and founder of Monkeypaw Productions, has his IMDB pointing towards two upcoming projects, both of which are in their pre-production phases. This includes an untitled film and Death Stranding, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game produced by the legendary Hideo Kojima for the PlayStation consoles. While the plot of Death Stranding could be speculated from the game, the plot of the untitled movie remains tightly under wraps.

Monkey Man Is Out Now

With Jordan Peele at the helm of innovative and groundbreaking projects, the anticipation surrounding his upcoming films is understandably high, while his collaboration with Dev Patel in Monkey Man demonstrates his ability to pick talent and foster creative work environments. So, as we wait for Peele’s projects— or at least the ones we know of—his vision for casting Patel hints at yet another possible and possibly groundbreaking cinematic partnership.

For those interested in watching Monkey Man, the movie is out in theaters right now. Anyone wanting a marital arts action extravaganza might want to check it out on the big screen while they can.

Source: Digital Spy