See An Entire Truck Full Of Fireworks Accidentally Explode

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago


The town of Ocean City, Maryland got a fireworks display, but not the one they expected. Instead of the preplanned show against a dark sky at night, many in Maryland witnessed an accidental explosion of many of the fireworks that workers were trying to set up. The workers suffered minor injuries, but mostly seem okay. They refused transport to the hospital. Local fire marshals have sectioned off the area “out of an abundance of caution”. And now, we have several videos showing us what it looks like when there are accidental explosions on a July 4th afternoon.

You can see the fireworks exploding from the boardwalk in the video below. The boardwalk area has now been evacuated because the fire marshals don’t yet know what caused the explosion. Until answers are found, no one is allowed in the area. This may take several days.

Here’s a video from the fireworks much closer up from one Twitter user who was on the beach at the time it happened.

This video was obtained by a news station. It shows a view of the fireworks from higher up and behind the beach.

At this time of year, many accidents happen with fireworks all across the United States. These incidents can be as small as a burn on one individual’s hand or as big as a wildfire. This is of particular concern in places where wildfires are more common, like California, where they are experiencing droughts and wildfires as a common concern. Often, the accidents are during the evening, when people are setting off fireworks at home and have unexpected events happen. Other times, the events involve homemade explosives.

A few days ago, the LAPD had a terrible day at work when their bomb squad was confiscating homemade fireworks which then exploded in their truck. Unfortunately, 17 people were injured in the incident, including local officers and a federal agent. Businesses and homes were also affected by the incident. The LAPD posted about this event on Twitter below.

Twitter was not always particularly kind about this event with the fireworks, pointing out that perhaps the bomb squad had made a curious mistake in the Los Angeles heat.

Homemade fireworks are particularly dangerous, especially because the authorities who then have to confiscate the explosives don’t know what they’re made of. As people now have an easier time getting instructions online for how to make them, people become more tempted. Especially as fewer fireworks are allowed in the state, and none at all are legal in some areas. There are parts of Los Angeles where people are not allowed sparklers. These restrictions are understandably important as we watch wildfires become more common, but also understandably something people want to fight against when fireworks have become such a major part of the July 4th holiday weekend celebrations.

For the people of Ocean City, Maryland, fireworks won’t be a part of their July 4th evening this weekend. However, everyone seems to be safe from the accidental explosion, and the 2021 videos will be memorable at least.