The DeLorean Gets An Electric Test Drive

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

As a Back to the Future fan it hurts to hear this, but the DeLorean was not a very good car. Produced by the DeLorean Motor Company in part as a means to smuggle drugs, the actual vehicle Doc Brown’s time machine was based on looked awesome but sort of ran like crap. Luckily, they’re getting better.

A Houston based company now owns the DeLorean name and they’ve dedicated their time to making and selling new DeLoreans. Don’t worry, they look exactly like the old DeLoreans which means they’re still completely awesome. Last year we learned that they were working on converting their DeLoreans into fully electric vehicles and now… Great Scott, they’ve done it!

The video below shows a smooth-running, electric converted DeLorean going through the paces…

It’s not quite a hover-conversion, but I love the idea of the classic DeLorean being on the cutting edge of motor technology. Apparently these are actually selling, too. This isn’t just some one-off showpiece. DMC’s owner explains in this video…

They haven’t put in any Flux Capacitors, though the company does (jokingly perhaps) hint that later models may do something special when they get up to 88mph. Even without a Mr. Fusion though, these things aren’t cheap. A electric DeLorean will set you back around $90,000.

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