The Best Silent Hill Game Is Being Remade For PS5

A PS5 remake of Silent Hill 2 is on the way, and it will be a PlayStation exclusive.

By Jason Collins | Published

Konami is remaking 2001’s Silent Hill 2, an absolute hit among survival horror video games. The news comes a whole year after Konami had stated that its newly acquired studio, Bloober Team, isn’t actually working on a Silent Hill title. Well, all that changed when Konami showcased a three-minute trailer that offered a look at the town of horrors during a Silent Hill Transmission event, confirming Bloober Team as the game’s developer. Finally, the rumors have come to an end.

On a more exciting note, the fans had the opportunity to see glimpses of Pyramid Head and several other noteworthy elements from the original Silent Hill 2 and learn some details about the upcoming game. According to a report by IGN, the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 is built using Unreal Engine, and the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, at least for a while, before it makes its way to PC via Steam one year later.

The trailer — embedded above — wastes no time and delivers everything the fandom had hoped for years. The trailer really showcases the game’s graphics to the tiniest of details; even the moisture on the protagonist’s freshly washed hands looks incredibly realistic, as the tiniest droplets of water glisten under the blinking neon lights of a trashed public restroom. But that’s just an opening scene. The protagonist is then seen walking the streets of a foggy town known as Silent Hill before the viewership has the chance to witness a montage of impressively rendered graphics.

This also includes the iconic and terrifying Pyramid Head, menacingly hulking around and causing all sorts of gory physical destruction. In short, the footage contains everything that made the original game into a horrifying timeless classic but immensely amplified by the insane graphical fidelity offered by the modern gaming console that’s PlayStation 5. We don’t know any other details about the game, like the release date or whether or not it will feature a Performance Mode for Sony’s latest console.

silent hill 2
From the Silent Hill 2 teaser

The newly announced remake of Silent Hill 2 was leaked and rumored more than a year ago, but both Konami and Bloober Team disputed any rumors and leaks as inaccurate at the time. Furthermore, Bloober Team had publicly stated that they’re currently not working on a Silent Hill title, which could have been true at the time. However, it’s also possible that the developer had signed a legally binding document that coerced their statement as a way of preserving Konami’s trade secrets.

The original Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 and quickly rose as the crown jewel of the gaming horror genre. It’s lauded as quite possibly the best horror game ever made, and it made substantial contributions to horror gaming by introducing horrific elements like the aforementioned Pyramid Head or the Puppet Nurses — one of which is dismembered by the Pyramid Head in the movie and quite possibly the trailer embedded above.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer any more detailer pertaining to the remake of Silent Hill 2, like the stage of the current development process or the release window. With everything said, it was about time the gaming community received another Silent Hill title.