Silent Hill Leak Gets A Response From Development Team

By Jason Collins | 3 weeks ago

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Speculations and rumors recently spread over the alleged development of another Silent Hill game, almost nine years after the last installment’s release, simultaneously chilling and warming the hearts of many. However, it would seem that the leaked information pointed out by the fans led to projects that have been shelved in favor of the developer’s other titles.

The speculations and rumors surrounding the new Silent Hill game stemmed from Konami, the franchise owner, forming a partnership with Polish developer Bloober Team, as we previously discussed in one of our previous articles. However, according to the information provided by IGN, the leaked concept fandom regarded as the new game was disproved by Bloober Team, saying that the information in question relates to different, now-shelved projects.

Fans of the Silent Hill gaming franchise have previously stumbled across different filings from Bloober on the EU’s Creative Europe website, which shows descriptions of different video game projects that have applied for EU funding. More specifically, three distinct projects, codenamed H2O, Black, and Dum Spiro. Gamers paired the found information with the announcement of collaboration between Konami and Bloober Team and immediately jumped to forming different speculations, theories, and conclusions – most of which branded one of three projects as the alleged Silent Hill game.

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Much to the Silent Hill-loving section of the gaming community, neither of these projects became the new Silent Hill game. Project codename Black, which was conceptualized as a first-person project set in medieval Europe, and project codename Dum Spiro, described as a horror game set in WWII Jewish-Polish ghetto, were both shelved by the developer sometime after the filing. Dum Spiro has been postponed indefinitely due to it being commercially impracticable, given the potentially controversial topic involving Jewish people and WWII. Likewise, the initial idea for codename Black was also shelved, with the project’s development taking an entirely different course.

With two out of three projects which the fans regarded as the new Silent Hill game shelved, we’re left with the project codename H20 – which became 2019’s Layer of Fear 2, a first-person, psychological-thriller, horror video game. And this is precisely what brings us to the point of the whole story. The fandom spun a web of facts to support the speculations and theories surrounding the alleged Silent Hill game, using a mixture of outdated and current information – more specifically, the EU filing and the Konami-Bloober Team partnership announcement.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes
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This example of the gaming community’s theorizing and speculating using a mixture of old and new information only goes to show that Arthur Conan Doyle was right. But then again, no one on Bloober Team disclosed any detail about whether the studio was working on a Silent Hill game or what precisely the new partnership between Konami and Bloober entails.

We sympathize with the Silent Hill fandom; this disproval really is sad news for the fans of the Silent Hill franchise. However, this isn’t the only rumor surrounding the alleged Silent Hill game – a mysterious game called Abandoned also caught the attention of Silent Hill fans. Be sure to check it out.