Marvel Wordle Spinoff Tests Your Avengers Trivia

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago


Wordle is a spelling and guessing game that has taken the world by storm. The word guessing puzzle game was initially created by software engineer, Josh Wardle, while it is distributed by the New York Times. Since the game blew up in popularity, it has since taken a life of its own. There have been a massive number of spinoffs that were developed using the same Wordle formula. From ridiculous ones like Lewdle, which makes players inappropriate words, to a spelling game targeted towards kids called Spellie, to the newly created Marvel Wordle, entitled Marvle. One would guess the clever misspelling of the word is to ward off any kind of legal action.

While the original Wordle game gives users a try at guessing a word that is five letters long in six tries, Marvle is different in that the word can be up to six letters long, and the subject matter covers any and all things Marvel. While the game might sound easy to those who are fans of the massive comic conglomerate, Marvel covers a vast array of comics, films, and television shows. There could be a massive number of words to choose from, especially those that might be odd in nature. This is a clever way to expand on the idea that Worlde first created. Marvel Wordle might excite people even more considering how popular the current films and television shows are.


Marvel Studios is certainly one of the biggest companies in the world right now, even though they are owned by Disney. Depending on how popular Marvel Wordle can get, Disney might want to jump at the idea of making an official one or buying this one that was already created. Disney is known to shut down projects that are associated with any sort of Marvel property, or otherwise, without their explicit permission. However, they might also let this one slide due to its good nature and simplistic design. Whatever happens, Marvle is fun for those who have a keen eye for guessing games and know a great deal about the MCU and beyond.

Much like the original Wordle, Marvel Wordle can only be played one time a day, so fans will want to make sure they are doing their research before attempting to tackle this seemingly easy game. Maybe go do a marathon run of all the shows and films that are offered on Disney+ right now. I honestly tried to play this game and was completely dumbfounded after only being able to guess Iron Man. These spelling/guessing games are certainly a lot harder than they initially seem.

Marvel Wordle is one of the cleverer spinoffs of the original Wordle, in that it is attempting to make a guessing game out of a specific subject matter. This news will likely reach other developers as they attempt to create their own themed version. Quite honestly, I am more a fan of the Dohdle game, which you can all guess is a Wordle game based completely on The Simpsons. The internet is certainly a funny place. If you’re a fan of Marvel, then Marvle is the game for you.