Wordle Is Already Being Ruined By New York Times According To Fans

According to the Twitterverse, the massively popular Wordle is already being ruined by the New York Times, after fans began to notice something odd today.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

If you happen to not be living under a rock currently, the word game finder known as Wordle has taken over the world. Fans have flocked to this simple yet complicated New York Times internet word puzzle. Through rumors that a new paid version might be on its way, it appears as if fans are already starting to realize that the game might be changing, and not for the better. According to fans, two words were given via the normal website used by players, or those who are using the direct New York Times app. The Twitterverse exploded with upset fans.

Craig is certainly correct, millions of people wake up to tackle the Wordle puzzle, and now it seems as if anarchy is breaking out. At least there is no pay model just yet. We’re watching you, New York Times.

Imagine screwing with your friends with your correct answer and convincing them that their Wordle app or website is broken. We’re not saying that it’s the right thing to do, but sometimes that could be the right thing to do.

Wordle is certainly going to have some explaining to do if they continue to give the world two different answers, or at the very least, there might be some sort of Wordle civil war that breaks out. The Agora vs Aroma war of 2022. It could happen. Sorry for the word spoiler if you haven’t played yet today, but use this as an opportunity to guess the word in one shot to impress your friends.

We don’t know what the Wordle is going on here, but this is certainly a funny tweet. People are clearly majorly upset at whoever’s fault it was to put in two different answers.

I can honestly say that every time I play Wordle, it ends up like the right picture in this tweet. Playing Wordle makes me want to rethink my entire career path. This Twitter user is certainly on to something.

Wordle and urdle do sound like the type of games that should coincide together. This tweet might be on to something as well. At least if the New York Times puts Wordle behind a paywall, some brave developer can make Urdle.

Does anyone know what the zombie “I like turtles” kid is up to these days? This might be that kid. Also, Turtle sounds great. It sure beats getting frustrated at Wordle every morning.

The fact that the New York Times made such a grievous error in the internet era might cost them tons of fans, or they could be transitioning to this heavily rumored paywall. Those who already subscribe to the New York Times and have the app might be getting the correct answers to their Wordle and the web browser users might be getting fed the wrong answers in an attempt to frustrate them enough to leave. Fans are wise to your tactics NYT. Angry might be the next five letter word that is popping up on everyone’s game tomorrow