Knights Of The Old Republic Character Getting A Star Wars Solo Movie?

Is this fan-favorite Knights of the Old Republic character finally coming to the screen

By Faith McKay | Published

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Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars fans who’ve played the games or read some of the books have been waiting for news of a story that would bring Knights of the Old Republic to our screens. This is a period in Star Wars history that’s been thoroughly loved and explored in other media, but somehow has still avoided the eye of Lucasfilm. Hopefully, that’s all about to change. If you’ve been waiting for news of this for a while, you can probably guess the character that is currently rumored to be developed.

Sources have told We Got This Covered that Lucasfilm is finally developing a solo project for Revan. This Knights of the Old Republic character has deserved a solo project for a long time. Currently, their sources say that the project is still in early development and being handled quietly behind the scenes. The outlet’s sources weren’t yet sure if Lucasfilm is considering a movie for Revan or a series on Disney+.

We first met Revan in 2003 in the Knights of the Old Republic video game. In the game, you could play the character as either a woman or a man, but a few years later a book came out that confirmed his gender identity as a man. The character quickly became beloved. His storyline is one of struggle between the dark side and the light. Over the course of the games and the books, he became important to both the Sith and the Jedi. That kind of compelling story arc, combined with a hungry fanbase, makes it obvious that a Revan solo project should be a top priority for Lucasfilm.

star wars knights of the old republic

In fact, the internet has already helpfully cast Revan for a Knights of the Old Republic solo project. Fans have wanted to see Keanu Reeves in Star Wars in some capacity for a while now. Last week, a rumor spread that he may be considered for a role as King Valar. However, Revan has been a top choice by fans. In fact, when you search online for anything about the character, you’ll inevitably see fanart of Keanu Reeves in the role. If Lucasfilm is wising up to how many fans would like to see a solo project for Revan, they must also be aware that audiences have voted Reeves into the role. We’ll be watching to see if the rumor pans out and a Knights of the Old Republic project happens. We’ll also be watching for news of Lucasfilm approaching Keanu Reeves.

This rumor about a Revan project comes at an interesting time for the online Star Wars community. In any fandom, there are healthy and unhealthy moments. Star Wars falls prey to the occasional moment of gatekeeping. This is a particular point of tension for fans today. There are so many new casual viewers who’ve seen the movies on the big screen. As Star Wars becomes mainstream, new fans join a community with a long history. This has led to some resentment from fans who’ve been around for a long time. Often, they have a history of previously being teased about their love for those science-fiction movies. They also know about things like Knights of the Old Republic that haven’t yet been covered in movies or television.

Last week, a tweet went viral from a fan of the games who felt particularly annoyed by newer fans. They specifically mentioned fans who don’t know who the Knights of the Old Republic character is. Eventually, voices spoke up to stop the gatekeeping. You can see the text of the original tweet in the screencap below, along with one of the reaction tweets that went viral.

How will Star Wars fans feel when Knights of the Old Republic finally becomes mainstream? Will there someday be Darth Revan dolls joining Baby Yoda on the casual fans’ shelves? Let’s hope so.

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