Netflix Canceled The Most Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Thriller Mystery Series In Years And It Deserves More

By Nina Phillips | Updated

Sense8 was a Netflix original show that focused on the connection between eight strangers across the globe whose lives are in danger due to their unique bond. The show wasn’t afraid to break molds, discussing sexuality, gender, race, etc. Unfortunately, while it deserved to go on for many more seasons, it didn’t get the chance to shine. 

Sense8 Filmed Around The World

There were several reasons why Sense8 on Netflix could be considered groundbreaking. For one, it was a gorgeous series. The cast and crew actually traveled around the world to make the scenes and did almost everything on location, which has happened in some movies but rarely in TV shows.

The series was recorded in nine cities across eight different countries: Berlin, London, Chicago, Mumbai, Mexico City, Nairobi, Reykjavik, Seoul, and San Francisco. By the end of the series, the team had traveled over 100,000 miles. 

Season 2 Expanded The World

The second season of Sense8, a Netflix original series, was filmed in even more locations for a total of 16 cities throughout 11 countries. Except for Reykjavik, all of the locations in Seaosn 1 were the same, and several more were added. The team also managed to film in some pretty rare locations, such as museums and during actual pride parades, thanks to the dedication of the writing and directing team to obtain the proper permits. 

With so many movies and TV series filmed on a green screen, or filmed in places different than they’re set, it was exciting to see the film crew of Sense8 and Netflix’s team actually make an effort to keep everything as realistic and authentic with locations as possible. 

A Stellar Cast

Of course, the second reason why Sense8 on Netflix is so groundbreaking is the cast. Not only was there a wide mix of sexualities in the characters, but the cast as well. The cast’s backgrounds and race were also amazing. It was a great chance to see a diverse range of actors from around the globe, not just a series of Americans posing as different ethnicities. 

Created By Some Of Sci-Fi’s Best Minds

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Though Sense8 is a Netflix original, Lilly Wachowski (Cloud Atlas), Lana Wachowski (The Matrix), and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) are responsible for writing and directing the series. The cast included actors and actresses such as Freema Ageyeman (Doctor Who), Bae Doona (Cloud Atlas), Jamie Clayton (Hellraiser), Tina Desai (Mumbai Diaries), Tuppence Middleton (The Imitation Game), Max Riemelt (Before the Fall), Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe), Miguel Angel Silvestre (Sky Rojo), and Naveen Andrews (Lost).

Sense8 Is About How We’re All Connected

Not only did Sense8 break the mold, but by picking up the series, Netflix did, too. They worked hard to reaffirm the story behind Sense8 by showing how interconnected the world could be and how two people at different points of the globe may be dealing with the same struggles or feel the same way you do at the same time. 

Doomed By The Production Budget No Matter The Size Of The Fanbase

The team behind Sense8 and Netflix show that no matter where you come from, what you believe in, or your sexuality, people can find reasons to relate to one another, but the show wasn’t afraid to cover difficult topics. Homophobia, gang violence, trauma, and drug abuse were only some of the issues they brought up, bringing to light a lot of the current problems that plague the world. 

Unfortunately, though the show paved the way for more global shows and shows not afraid to bring up sex, race, and romantic views, Sense8 wasn’t able to film and release all five seasons on Netflix as planned. Due to the high costs of filming around the world on location, there just weren’t enough fans and a high enough viewership to justify the costs. 

Sense8 Is Exclusively On Netflix


Though there weren’t enough fans to justify the cost, the fans that the show had weren’t quiet. After Sense8 was officially canceled, there was an outcry amongst the fans, and they finally convinced Netflix to produce a long series finale to try and wrap up the show as much as possible. 

If you want to see how this show opened up the science fiction genre, among others, and why it deserved to have more seasons to grow, Sense8 is still available to watch on Netflix.