Keanu Reeves Signed For Huge Star Wars Role?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

keanu reeves

For a while now, there has been a peripheral Star Wars rumor that Keanu Reeves will be part of the universe soon enough. The actor has led a few franchises before. We’re currently waiting on the release of The Matrix 4 and more John Wick. In those cases, he took on a role without knowing he was joining a major franchise or the success that would come. We’re waiting to see him join an existing major franchise. Will Star Wars be the one? Most fans have pictured him as part of a Knights of the Old Republic adaptation, and likely as an Ancient Sith Emperor. Fan art and trailers have naturally been created to give audiences an idea of that possible future.

Now, as reported by We Got This Covered, insider Mike Zeroh claims that Keanu Reeves will be playing King Valar. He says that first there will be an animated series for Disney+ where the actor will do voice work. Then, later, there will be a live-action Star Wars trilogy where Reeves will again play the character.

The animation on this series is expected to be groundbreaking. Zeroh says to picture “lifelike video game-style” animation for the series. This added detail may make more sense of why they need Keanu Reeves to play the character in both the animated series and the live-action trilogy. Often, a character may be voiced by a different actor for an animated production. However, if they already plan to have the animated and live-action series, they may want the animated character to look like Reeves, considering that they intend for the animation to be so lifelike.

star wars knights of the old republic

Adding on to the details of this rumor, Mike Zeroh claims he heard that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are actively working on this project and attempting to get Keanu Reeves on board. Favreau and Filoni are the showrunners on The Mandalorian.

It’s important to note that this is very much a rumor. Like there have been many other rumors about Keanu Reeves joining a Star Wars project recently, which makes this one more interesting, Mike Zeroh is currently claiming that The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau is working on a couple Star Wars projects right now. For example, he says that there will soon be a reboot with a new Skywalker. In fact, he says that Favreau is already looking to cast the new Skywalker with TRON: Legacy actor Garrett Hedlund. This may be true, but if both are, then Favreau is currently very busy with these projects on top of the The Mandalorian.

Whether this rumor proves true or not, audiences still seem interested in seeing Keanu Reeves join Star Wars. There have been rumors of characters he could possibly play, and those he likely couldn’t, circulating for a while now. According to Zeroh, the animated series would begin airing on Disney+in 2023. That means if the series is happening, we’ll likely hear confirmation of it from Lucasfilm sometime in the coming months. Currently, Reeves is rumored to be working on future John Wick movies, a mini-series called Rain, and is rumored to be in some other projects. While the seasoned actor is probably always as busy as he wants to be, he’ll hopefully find time for a franchise like Star Wars once they offer him the right character.