Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her World Of Warcraft Cosplay Character

Who could she be?

By Michileen Martin | Published

jamie lee curits

Did you ever get frustrated that your parents just wouldn’t bother getting involved with your interests? Well, you know who doesn’t have that problem? Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter Ruby. Curtis has not only agreed to officiate her daughter’s upcoming wedding and to doing so in costume, but she’s allowed her children to pick her costume. And who is she dressing as? According to what she told Jimmy Kimmel, the actress known as the “Scream Queen” will officiate her daughter’s wedding as one of the greatest heroes of World of Warcraft‘s Alliance — Jaina Proudmoore. Or, at least, she hopes she’ll be dressed as Jaina.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, Curtis said there’s no specific theme to the wedding beyond cosplay. Once her World of Warcraft outfit was chosen, she found someone on Etsy who could make it for her, but is now worried that she won’t get it in time. Turns out the seamstress working on the costume is located in Russia, which is not necessarily the best place to order things from right now because of the Russian-Ukraine War. You can watch the clip below.

If you know as much about Jaina Proudmoore as the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience seems to know (as in, not much), she’s a human NPC who first appears in 2002’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Jaina is a powerful mage and a descendant of the rulers of the nation Kul Tiras. With the creation of World of Warcraft, Jaina was included in the game world but for a long time simply hung out in Theramore — one of the few Alliance strongholds on Azeroth’s western continent, where the Horde hold the most sway. Starting with the 2008 expansion Wrath of the Lich King, as Blizzard in general started to get better at storytelling in the MMORPG, Jaina got a lot more active in the storyline. She’s a character players on either side of the Alliance/Horde divide encounter quite a bit in more recent expansions, particularly in 2018’s Battle for Azeroth and the most recent expansion Shadowlands.

world of warcraft jaina proudmoore

You may notice Jamie Lee Curtis acts as if she doesn’t know anything about World of Warcraft when she reveals the name of her character to the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience, though we have a good reason to be just a little suspicious of the Scream Queen. Curtis is no stranger to World of Warcraft cosplay. The actress announced on Twitter that she had attended BlizzCon 2015 incognito, by using a mask to look like an undead female character. You can see that tweet below.

The following year, Curtis attended the premiere of the movie Warcraft with her daughter (before her daughter’s transition). Jamie Lee Curtis dressed as an Orc Shaman while her daughter cosplayed as an Orc Warrior. You can see some Twitter proof of that event below.

Of course, it could be that Curtis is just going along with her daughter’s wishes and doesn’t know anything about Warcraft herself. Her daughter Ruby is a gaming editor, which explains her love for World of Warcraft. But, come on. You dress once as a Warcraft character, okay. Three times? And you go to BlizzCon? You might not be in raids 3 nights per week, but you’ve clicked a hearthstone or two. Just admit it.