Elden Ring Is Expanding with New Game

By Jason Collins | Published

elden ring

FromSoftware’s Souls-like Elden Ring, released earlier this year, is the best-selling and by far one of the most popular gaming titles this year and shows no signs of wavering. The game has already made its mark in gaming history and will remain remembered as one of the premier action-RPG games for years to come. Now, one of the hardest and most frightening gaming experiences is expanding with a brand-new game.

For all gamers who just lost breath, no, we’re not talking about the DLC that reportedly leaked in a recent cyber-attack against Bandai Namco Entertainment. Instead, we’re talking about an Elden Ring tabletop roleplaying game coming to Japan. As reported by ComibBook.com, Kadokawa Future Publishing, a publishing arm of Kadokawa Corporation, is developing a new tabletop roleplaying game based on Elden Ring RPG published by FromSoftware. That seems to be a trend since there’s an increased demand for tabletops now — even Wordle is becoming a tabletop.  

The new Elden Ring tabletop is being designed by Katou Hironori; a game designer known for the Dark Souls tabletop RPG that was also released in Japan. The game will also include a rulebook for adventuring in The Lands Between, as well as rules for various in-game actions, including spell casing, different tactics, various enemies, etc. Other things that will translate to the game are rich character customization, as well as a number of exploration options.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information other than what we shared, but it’s worth noting that the news of Kadokawa making an Elden Ring tabletop RPG already bumped into some criticism. Namely, Kadokawa’s Dark Souls adaptation was a “solo” tabletop RPG experience, meaning that it was meant to be played by a single player and a game master. The game’s rules allowed for a very accurate adaptation of the Dark Souls gaming experience, but the game itself wasn’t really meant for group play.

Admittedly, its rules and gaming mechanics are still regarded as truly unique to the game and quite innovative. Sadly, the game was never officially translated into English or any of the other languages, and the only copy that made it to the Western market is the one that fans have translated. Whether Elden Ring tabletop is set to receive the same treatment or not remains to be seen — if, by any change, Kadokawa decides to translate the game for the Western market, it will most probably follow the Japanese release of the tabletop.

The Western markets did receive their original version of Dark Souls tabletop, which used heavily modified 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and had no touching points with Kadokawa’s version of the game. However, the initial publication was very poorly received due to various typos and rule inconsistencies, prompting its publisher, Steamforged, to issue reprints of the tabletop game. Hopefully, the Elden Ring tabletop doesn’t receive the same treatment — unless it’s Kadokawa’s version of the game.

Elden Ring tabletop RPG is currently scheduled for an early 2023 release in Japan, while FromSoftware’s version of the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.