Zack Snyder Calls Out Warner Bros. As Aggressively Against Him

Zack Snyder says Warner Bros. really doesn't like him.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Zack Snyder has a new movie coming out this weekend: Army of the Dead. Thanks to that, he has been making the interview rounds. Naturally, he has been fielding a number of questions about his involvement with Warner Bros. and the DC universe. This has led to some surprisingly revealing moments from the director in regards to his experiences with the studio. And it looks like the director is completely okay with putting all of his cards on the table.

While he was doing an interview with Jake’s Takes (via ScreenRant), Zack Snyder was asked if fans should hold out any hopes that his version of the DC universe will continue on in some form. The director’s candid answer directly called out Warner Bros. as the ones who do not seem to have any interest in continuing that iteration of the comic book world. “Warner Bros. has been aggressively anti-Snyder if you will,” the Justice League director said. “What can I say? Clearly, they’re not interested in my take.” It sounds like fans holding their breath for another major outing with the characters under Snyder’s direction should probably go ahead and exhale. Things are not sounding too good for that possibility.

As much as Zack Snyder seems to dismiss the idea of continuing his versions of the DC stable of heroes and villains, he also seems on board with fans pushing Warner Bros. into showing their demand for more of his movies. “I don’t know what could be done as you go forward other than I think the fan movement is so strong, and the fan community, [their] intention is so pure, and I really have this huge respect for it,” said Snyder. “I would hope that cooler heads would prevail with [the studio] and they would see that there’s this massive fandom that wants more of that.”

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Frankly, it seems like Warner Bros. has moved past whatever it is Zack Snyder would want to do with the DC universe. Their upcoming slate of projects seems to indicate their desire to move in some different directions. It is honestly surprising that we even got Zack Snyder’s Justice League in its fully finished form. Warner Bros. does not want to sink even more millions on this direction when the support for it does not seem to translate to the larger mainstream. For as much hubbub as Zack Snyder’s Justice League made online, it does not seem to have made a major dent in the wider pop culture conversation when it comes to what wide audiences want to see from the DC universe.

And to be completely blunt, Zack Snyder seems happier and better adept at making movies like Army of the Dead. He hit the scene with a surprisingly good remake of the zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and it looks like he intends to get back to those roots after spending so much time in the world of superheroes. And by current accounts, that return to form seems to have been a success. While there will always be fans of his take on the DC universe, it looks like he might be more widely celebrated if he sticks to original stories that don’t deal with people dressing up in capes to save the world.