The Worst Marvel Movie Actually Getting A Sequel?

By April Ryder | Published

The Eternals 2 may once again be a real possibility, as ComicBook has reported that the sequel is now officially in the works at Marvel Studios. Of course, you’ve seen plenty of movies begin development and fall apart along the way, but Marvel fans may soon find themselves wondering if a trip to the theater for the sequel will be worth the money. 

Eternals 2 May Soon Be In Development


The internet has labeled Chloé Zhao’s The Eternals as the worst MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) film to date, making the move to fund the creation of The Eternals 2 somewhat questionable. However, the stamp of the worst MCU movie to date is also quite questionable. 

The Eternals certainly had plenty of elements working against it, making the creation of a sequel a risky move. For starters, the Marvel characters represented in The Eternals (and subsequently Eternals 2) are not really that important to the MCU storyline as a whole. 

Hard To Connect To Characters Outside Of The Avengers

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They may be part of a bigger picture that ultimately draws an opportunity to bring Galacticus and Silver Surfer into the story, but they’re not big enough characters for the audience to really feel like there are high stakes on the line. There may not be enough hype to draw people to The Eternals 2

The characters in the movie were also introduced on film after the epic Infinity War story, and they kind of undermine it. They act like they are somehow above the main characters MCU fans have already grown to love, and that is a big turnoff to many moviegoers. 

Director Chloe Zhao Faulted

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On the flipside, it’s highly likely that part of the reason The Eternals got such a bad rap was because it was directed by a female. We don’t yet know who will direct The Eternals 2, but Marvel fans have historically been harder on female directors. 

However, Chloe Zhao does have her own film style and it was evident in the film. Unfortunately, the visual style and feel of The Eternals didn’t really fit alongside the other hit MCU movies. If she is to direct The Eternals 2, she may need to shift her approach a bit to create a more familiar feel for MCU fans. 

Ikaris Returning For The Sequel

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Regardless of the shifty buzz surrounding the movie, Daniel Richtman (X influencer and CNBC writer) scooped that The Eternals 2 will feature the return of Richard Madden’s character Ikaris. Though the first movie showed Ikaris flying towards the Sun, it did not show a definitive death of the character. 

The Eternals revealed that Ikaris was the true villain of the story, and when he could no longer kill off his fellow immortals, he chose to leave Earth and fly into the Sun. The idea of Ikaris returning to the storyline certainly raises a lot of questions about The Eternals 2

Will The Rest Of The Original Cast Return?

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In the original movie, it was revealed that The Eternals were actually robot-like beings that were created by the Celestials to guard and watch over the well-being of the planets where they originated. Knowing that piece of information, there could be multiple versions of Ikaris being held in Arishem’s possession. 

If The Eternals 2 does actually come to fruition, there will likely be some notable changes made along the way. For instance, the cast may be smaller. After the crash of the first movie, Marvel Studios probably won’t sink a fortune into the making of the sequel.

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