Vin Diesel Reveals Progress On His Favorite Franchise In Midnight Workout Video

Vin Diesel took to his Instagram to provide an update that he would be returning to his roots soon, with an exciting update for fans.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Vin Diesel is arguably most known for playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise. However, his favorite franchise that he has worked in is not about racing cars but is squarely rooted in the Sci-Fi genre. Vin Diesel took to his Instagram to provide an update that he would be returning to his Pitch Black roots, more importantly, to play the character known as Riddick. Pitch Black is arguably his best film, and this writer’s introduction to the man that would become one of the biggest action stars in the world. Riddick 4 could be approaching soon.

See Vin Diesel share updates on Riddick 4 in the video below.

Vin Diesel is working out in the above video, which doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibilities for a man of his size. He casually pumps some iron while telling the world that he had a “long day” and great “meeting” with the Universal brass. Riddick 4 sounds like it will be happening, and it looks as though the man is already pumping himself up for the role.

As mentioned above, Riddick was introduced to the world in Pitch Black. This character helped spawn its own franchise that hasn’t necessarily been on the map for many. While the character has gained a cult following, the movies have never been major box office hits. Pitch Black was released in 2000. The Chronicles of Riddick followed in 2004, then the prequel animated film The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury in the same year. The last time Vin Diesel took on the mantle of Richard B. Riddick was in 2013’s Riddick. Now it would appear that he has taken to social media to tease the world with Riddick 4 updates until he officially brings it to the big screen.

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While there have been five entries to the series, Riddick 4 would be more accurate than Riddick 5, as Dark Fury was an addition to the sequel of the same name, albeit without the Dark Fury designation. The film was only 35 minutes long, as is mostly just a short that gave us more of the fan-favorite antihero fighting his way through alien baddies. Seeing Vin Diesel tear his way through an anime-styled version of Riddick is loads of fun.

Pitch Black was the film that began this franchise, and was a sleeper hit when it first arrived in theaters. Though the reception from critics was less than perfect, the fanfare for this film was extensive. Pitch Black banked slightly over $53 million worldwide. With an estimated budget of $23 million, the film brought in well over double the amount it took to make. That’s a moderate success that didn’t guarantee a sequel. However, Riddick became a dream for those that are appreciators of the action and sci-fi genres, and helped to birth one of the most interesting antiheroes in cinema. Riddick 4 is sure to bring in the same excitement.

There are no further details on when Riddick 4 will begin production, but the hope is that Vin Diesel will help produce the new installment, and bring along writer and director David Twohy, who has been responsible for the entire franchise up to this point. There is no need to send Vin Diesel’s most well-known character, Dominic Toretto, to space in the next Fast & Furious when there is a more capable and worthy Riddick to take on the entire galaxy.