Riddick 4: Furya

The Chronicles of Riddick series has always been a passion project for star Vin Diesel. It was the first movie in the franchise, Pitch Black, that really put Diesel on that map. Unfortunately, though there were two subsequent movies, neither of them really did quite as well with audiences and critics as the first, low-budget indie movie.

But that doesn’t mean Vin Diesel’s passion for the character and for the stories told in that universe has abated. He’s as in love with playing Richard B. Riddick as ever and Vin, along with franchise creator/writer/director David Twohy, is pushing forward on another Riddick movie called Riddick: Furya.

Vin Diesel Posted Shots Of The Riddick 4 Script

It was back in July of 2019 that Diesel first let everyone know the then-titled Riddick 4: Furya was coming when he dropped this photo of a first draft of the script on Instagram.

Then in November of that same year, Vin posted another update in which he listed Riddick 4 as one of his next projects, confirming that it was still a thing.

And now they’ve taken another step and it seems like the script which we saw an early draft of back in 2019 is finished. Vin Diesel revealed it in the following Instagram video.

But it was almost four long years ago that Diesel was teasing Riddick fans with this news. Since that time, the word from Diesel’s camp has centered more on the recently released Fast X and its franchise than anything else Diesel may have on his plate, including a Riddick 4 film, which we now know is being called Riddick: Furya.

Vin Diesel Posts A Riddick 4 Update On Instagram

As mentioned, it had been quite some time since we heard anything about Riddick: Furya. But back in May 2022, Diesel teed one up on his Instagram page, letting fans know that “DT” (David Twohy) had just sent him some new Riddick material to include some storyboard sketches. “Finally got a chance to see some of the new Riddick materials that DT sent over. Wow, exciting is an understatement. FURYA!”

David Twohy Will Be Back Directing Riddick 4


So far we know that director David Twohy will be back to helm Riddick: Furya. Twohy made his name with the Riddick films, starting with Pitch Black in 2000. At one point he did direct the highly underrated submarine horror movie Below, as well as another underrated film, the fun suspense thriller A Perfect Getaway, which he also wrote. (side note: you should really see both Below and A Perfect Getaway).

Another side note that Riddick fans may want to be aware of is that Twohy is also attached to a TV series called Merc City as the writer. The series, which has neither a release date nor a streaming service, will tell the story of the Mercs and the Bounty Hunters set in the Riddick Universe. Could be fun.

Vin Diesel will executive produce Riddick: Furya. He also produced the previous two movies.

Universal Pictures is expected to distribute Riddick: Furya. They’ve distributed all the previous movies which, while they didn’t actually make a lot of money at the box office, have been relatively cheap. The one exception to that low-cost rule was the second film, The Chronicles of Riddick. There they spent a ton on special effects in an attempt to create a box office-smashing franchise. That didn’t work out and they’ve since learned to scale things back. Expect that low-cost low-risk pattern to continue with Riddick: Furya.

Vin Diesel Will Be Back As Riddick

Vin Diesel

Thus far no one is attached to Riddick: Furya except Vin Diesel. That’s the only name that really matters, since there is no Riddick movie without Richard B. Riddick, and Vin Diesel is Richard B. Riddick. There are, though, rumors that Katee Sackhoff, who played Dahl in the third film, Riddick, will return in the same role joining Riddick in his return to his home planet.

The Plot Of Riddick 4 Will Take Vin Diesel Home

Riddick Furya

Not much is known about the fourth movie in the Riddick franchise. From how the third film ended, we knew then and now (because of the fourth film’s title) that Richard B. Riddick is heading home. He is going to a planet that he can barely remember, unsure if he will only find it in ruins. When he does arrive, what he finds are scatterings of Furyans who are in the fight for their existence against an unrelenting enemy.

Riddick: Furya Does Not Have A Release Date

There has been no official word on a possible release date for Furya. In fact, there hasn’t been an official production start given either. Vin Diesel just released Fast X and will be working on Fast X: Part 2 along with Muscle and xXx 4 in a return to his role as Xander Cage. Somewhere in there, Diesel will fit Riddick: Furya.

At this rate, though, don’t expect Riddick: Furya to go into production at least until 2024, which means Riddick’s fourth big-screen adventure won’t hit the theaters at least until 2025, 12 years after the last time we saw Riddick.

For Diesel’s part, he continues to keep the Riddick train a rolling as he uses his Instagram account to hype the upcoming film. Earlier this year he posted about a great Riddick meeting he had and one month later he posted a sharp-looking picture of “The Furyan.”

Come on Vin, how patient do you expect us to be? We will be sure to update you as the information comes in.

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