Vin Diesel Finally Shares First Look At His Long-Awaited Sequel

Vin Diesel is currently busy with two other franchises right now, but he took to social media to post the first look at a long-awaited sequel to another franchise.

By James Brizuela | Published

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel might be completely busy with filming part one of the epic conclusion of the Fast & Furious saga, but that hasn’t left the man without updating fans on an even bigger franchise. Well, that might be a stretch, but this sci-fi franchise still holds plenty of excitement. Diesel took to his Instagram page to offer up some concept storyboard art for the upcoming Riddick 4: Furya film. There have not been any updates for quite some time on this budding sequel, but now the man himself has shared a small bit of the film with the world. You can see these images below:

The images are clearly of Vin Diesel as his iconic character, Riddick. The bald head and shiny eyes are a dead giveaway. What is interesting is that he seems to be in some sort of spacesuit. Even more interesting is the dialogue that is attached to these images. While the actor may have wanted to cut out the top panel, it reads, “the boy’s eyes shine just like Riddick’s.” Could this mean the world is going to see a child of Riddick? Or it could mean that we are going to see someone who had to undergo the same horrific experimentation that left Riddick with built-in night vision for the rest of his life. Riddick’s shocked expression in the storyboard images looks to be that he is as shocked as we would be to see someone who is like the character.

Vin Diesel promised some time ago that the next Riddick film was being worked on, but only hinted at the script. This is the first instance that fans can see the direction that the new sequel is going to take. While we are just presuming a child is part of this equation, that is just speculation at this point. Not much is known about the fourth installment in this franchise, other than the name of the film. At least, we know that to be the working title of the film.

Vin Diesel has not made a Riddick film in quite some time. The last came in form of a film aptly titled, Riddick. This third installment was released in 2013 and was mostly not well-received by the public. However, the chapters in the character’s life have still been quite entertaining. David Twohy has directed and written all three of the previous films which include Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick. Now he is set to make Riddick: Furya. He means to continue this potentially forgotten franchise.

Vin Diesel arguably made a name for himself when Pitch Black was released in the year 2000. This role likely led to the first Fast & Furious film. While some might see the man as a bit of a hacky actor of sorts, he was fantastic in the sci-fi genre, and it’s good to see that he will eventually return. That is after he is finished with Fast & Furious and the final Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Still, we are all hoping to see some more Riddick sooner rather than later.