Vin Diesel Is Ending The Year With A Rush Of Riddick 4 Updates

By Doug Norrie | 1 min ago

vin diesel riddick 2

In terms of franchises, it’s a bit surprising that Riddick has taken such a long hiatus. Considering it has, presumably, an A-lister in the lead spot and plenty of background stories at its disposal, this would seem like a story ripe for the Hollywood picking. But it just hasn’t been the case with Vin Diesel and company who are years removed from the last movie in the series. It would seem like this thing is dead as a doornail. But that might not be the case with Vin Diesel throwing out a bunch of social media bread crumbs these last couple of weeks that a Riddick 4 might be in the works. 

Do social media posts mean a movie has been green-lit and is on its way to the big screen? Of course not. But there would seem to be at least a renewed sense of energy around the project at least from Diesel who’s gotten into it over the short term. This could be a franchise making a comeback right before our very eyes. It’s the way of the Hollywood game: just speak it into existence. 

Vin Diesel throwing out some Riddick stuff in the short term shouldn’t mean was are all of a sudden expecting to see another movie in this universe. Sometimes this is just studio and fan baiting without any real concrete plan out there. So take these kinds of things with a grain of sci-fi salt. This could just be Diesel understanding that fans get up for this kind of thing, seeing there is just general excitement around franchise movement of any kind. But Vin Diesel also isn’t totally banal, devoid of understanding around how these things work. He likely understands what’s happening here. Check out some of what he’s posted over the last couple of weeks when it comes to Riddick:

There’s a reason Riddick fans would want to see a return to this universe. It’s been seemingly a long time coming. More than seven years ago there had been rumblings of a Riddick 4 following the 2013 release of Riddick. This seemed like a franchise destined for the trash bin, but Vin Diesel’s fame around the Fast & Furious franchise would be just the kind of thing to reignite prospects around previously flagging ventures. Riddick is just one such commodity. His name alone would seem to be a franchise maker. If he wanted a Riddick 4 then why not? This guy is a star’s star, no?

And then we had the rumors that Vin Diesel was developing an entire Riddick universe around the character. Whether there was actually meat on that bone isn’t totally clear. It is becoming somewhat substantiated just through the social media posts that Vin Diesel is into more projects here. And why not? This is one of the first big characters he ever played. It makes sense to have a certain level of nostalgia around it. We are sure to hear about more Riddick projects coming down the pike. As far as Vin Diesel is concerned, he’s set to complete the last two movies in the Fast & Furious franchise in epic fashion.,