Vin Diesel Gears Up For Final Fast & Furious Films By Sharing A Pic Of His Abs

Vin Diesel has been playing Dominic Toretto for two decades. Recently, he took to Instagram to share that shooting is only a few months away.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has been playing Dominic Toretto for two decades. When The Fast and the Furious kicked off the franchise in 2001, it’s hard to imagine that the actor knew just how important the movies would become to him. Now, he is gearing up for the final films in the main storyline. While there will still be spinoff projects set in the same world, it’s unknown if Vin Diesel will ever play Dominic Toretto again after the final movie releases. The tenth and eleventh films will begin shooting in January 2022, and it’s understandably an emotional time for the actor. Recently, he took to Instagram to share that shooting is only a few months away. He wrote that he is embarking on the final journey. He then shared a photo of his exposed chest.

You can see the update from Vin Diesel below.

It’s assumed that the picture from Vin Diesel means that he is currently in training. Most major action stars work out during the lead-up to filming their projects. It makes sense that Vin Diesel will want to be in the best shape possible before he plays Dominic Toretto one last time. Fans replied to the photo in the comments, almost exclusively with just one word: family. This is a common response from his fans and an important part of the Fast & Furious franchise. The cast in the movies often refer to each other as family while they overcome increasingly unlikely obstacles, like the infamous tank scene. It’s part of what makes the movies not only fun but something that fans can invest their hearts in.

Vin Diesel often lets his fans know what he’s up to via his Instagram. This isn’t the first post that has clued fans in to his preparations for these final films. Just a couple of weeks ago, Vin Diesel posted a plea. Dwayne Johnson, who has previously been in the films as Luke Hobbs, has publicly said that due to his feud with Vin Diesel he would not be appearing in the final movies for the franchise. The lead actor for the franchise hopped on Instagram and made a public plea, asking The Rock to return for the role.

While Dwayne Johnson himself has yet to respond, fans roasted Vin Diesel for the post. Many said that the actor seemed condescending in his plea to The Rock, and that this is part of why the pair can’t get along. Others felt that the actor seemed genuine and hoped that Dwayne Johnson would return. While Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will be back for Hobbs & Shaw 2, his spinoff project with Jason Statham, there haven’t been any signs of Dwayne Johnson changing his mind on a return to working with Diesel.

As for what else the final Fast & Furious movies might include, it’s anyone’s guess. F9 saw the stars actually visit outer space. Could a musical installment for Fast & Furious be in the cards? It’s been discussed. Will there be dinosaurs? It’s on the table. Fans have come to appreciate the franchise for going bigger and better in each installment. It’s anyone’s guess what audiences will get to see Vin Diesel do as the series comes to a close.