Vin Diesel Wants To Do Something Unbelievable With Fast And Furious

Vin Diesel's latest idea for the franchise is the most surprising yet.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

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Fast and Furious has gone into weird places over the years and continues to push the envelope with each new entry. One of its lead stars, Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto, had some input on the future of the movie franchise. Talking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host asked the actor about doing a musical installment of the action blockbusters; he said that he is “dying” to do one.

“I’ve been dying to do a musical my whole life,” Vin Diesel said, revealing he was “this close to doing Guys and Dolls with Steven Spielberg, but we ended up not doing that.” He cites his family for this inspiration, saying that they are “artistic” and “supportive of these crazy dreams.”

Seeing Vin Diesel sing and dance while driving through the chaos with his family of action stars would be far from the craziest thing to hit the franchise. From jumping a car out of a skyscraper to going into space, a musical is probably not too far off.

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There were even rumors about a crossover event with Fast and Furious and Jurassic Park. Justin Lin, the director of the ninth installment, along with other entries, has spoken on it by saying, “I never say never to anything.” Even Jurassic World star Chris Pratt weighed in when speaking to CinemaBlend and said that if it is “what the audience wants, I’m in.”

Vin Diesel has been with the franchise since its 2001 debut. As a titular role, he has seen it evolve from being mostly about cars and street racing to prison breaks and battling people who are borderline supervillains like Idris Elba’s Brixton in 2019’s Hobbs and Shaw, the first spinoff in the franchise.

Vin Diesel and the crew will soon see the endgame of the megahit franchise in two more films. In a report from Deadline, Justin Lin will continue directing as he steers the wheel of the last two turbo engined entries. Currently, with F9 out, it is his fifth time directing an installment of Universal’s most profitable franchise.

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While it concludes the current story, more spinoffs will be in the works. Producer Hiram Garcia of the first spinoff that centered on Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw said that it is in the works as writer Chris Morgan is working on ideas. For other stories in the cinematic universe, no word has been said yet, but Vin Diesel has hinted that while the main set of films are concluding, it does not mean his character is as he is open to keep playing as Dominic.

Whether Vin Diesel hangs it up or not seems to not matter for the box office, F9 has had the highest box office opening weekend since 2019 with $70 million, making up for the delays it faced during 2020. The last box office hit before the ninth entry of Fast and Furious was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It is playing in 4,179 North American theaters. With its international release, which hit before it came to American and Canadian audiences, and North American openings, the film has reached $400 million, doubling its approximate $200 million budget.

F9 is in theaters now, starring Vin Diesel, John Cena, Charlize Theron, and other A-list stars who are returning to the franchise or are making their debut.